Chinese Food

Chinese Cuisine: Eating for Health and Weight Loss

Chinese FoodWhile Japanese and Korean cuisines have ruled the health scene for many years, you should not count Chinese food out just yet. This diet-conscious and portion-controlled cuisine can be the answer to eating healthy and successfully meeting your weight loss efforts.

Peng-You discusses the health and weight loss benefits of Chinese dishes:


It is customary in Chinese dining to serve soup before a meal. Soup is promotes satiety, which helps reduce your food intake by as much as 20 per cent. Broth-based soups, furthermore, take much longer to leave the stomach, forcing you consume fewer calories.


The use of chopsticks also has weight loss benefits. These utensils pick up smaller bites of food compared to if you used a spoon or fork. This helps you slow down with your meal and keeps portions smaller, too. Eating slowly with chopsticks also gives your body signals that you are close to getting full.

More Vegetables

Common Chinese dishes are usually loaded with vegetables, ginger, and mushroom. This helps lower your glycaemic load and supplies your body with more fibre. Dietary fibre from vegetables can also help lower cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart disease.

The Carbs

Some may argue that the rice served at Chinese restaurants is not healthy. While it true that rice is a major carbohydrate source, it is just a small part of your meal. You have other dishes loaded with greens and vegetables. In fact, rice can make you feel sustained and energised.

Lightly Stir-fried

Most typical Chinese recipes require no more than two tablespoons of oil. The majority of dishes are steamed or lightly stir-fried. Chinese cooking style, furthermore, uses peanut oil, which promotes heart health.


Chinese green tea contains various bioactive compounds that can improve health. It is also loaded with flavonoids and catechins, which function as powerful antioxidants. In fact, the Chinese use different kinds to tea to treat certain illnesses.

Chinese dishes promote healthy eating with their way of cooking and choice of ingredients. Make it a habit to eat Chinese food every once in a while or adopt their cooking habits for a healthy you.

Apartment in Brisbane

How to Make the Best of Buying an Apartment in Brisbane

Apartment in BrisbaneAustralian properties are one of the most eyed prizes in the real estate industry. Apartments in particularly enjoyed the booming Australian market in the past years.

When it comes to best flat deals, Queensland has the best towns to house in-demand properties. The news is that Brisbane City is the best shopping market when it comes to apartments.

Hotspotting founder Terry Rider considered infrastructure as a factor that makes-or-breaks a deal and ranks the river town as the top investment market when it comes to residential properties. Brisbane outranks all other Queensland areas, citing the rising sales activity for its high valuation. The question now is how to get the most out of a Brisbane apartment?

Brisbane Buying Opportunities

First-time property buyers have apprehensions about getting a property that will out value the cost. One way to snag quality deals is to look for apartments for sale in Brisbane, such those offered by

Property developers put the emphasis on getting from point A to point B. A good flat is located in the central business district and with the amenities of various transportation options. Proximity to schools, workplace and stores also helps in deciding values for the apartment.

Renovating Apartments

Another quality to look for is its flexibility when it comes to renovation. Apartment renovations can be subject to specialised design and planning regulations. There are many ways to make apartments better and get more value from the property. The Australian government is quick to add that designs and use have implications of sustainability, in both environmental and social aspects.

Brisbane is gaining the upper hand in property investments as the experts pin the most growth in this city. As for investors, a good deal is not only bought, but made, too. Whether one gets a good investment for buying it as is or for the development it undergoes, Brisbane apartments surely make the difference.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing Will Dominate 2015: How Law Firms Can Benefit from SEO

digital marketingSearch Engine Optimization is what many companies count on, especially when it comes to staying competitive, achieving better ROI, and increasing online traffic. It is difficult not to believe that it has changed the face of digital marketing. SEO is vital, as it is one of the most effective ways for any type of business to target and reach a wider market.

Some law firms, however, often say that digital marketing does not make sense for them. But, everyone now relies on Google, Bing or Yahoo! to look for people and things. That makes SEO services an important part of a business strategy, and law firms are no exception.

Here’s what a solid SEO campaign can do for your business:

Strengthen Online Reputation

The moment you use SEO, you don’t just build an identity; you also strengthen your online presence. You can achieve that, of course, with the help of a lawyer marketing professional. You don’t want to miss out on the things an SEO campaign can do for your company.

According to, a top provider of legal online marketing consultation services: “If you are like many attorneys or law firm representatives, you are trying to avoid many of the mistakes you or other law firms have made in the past wasting money on empty promises made by Internet marketing ‘sales consultants.’”

Engage with Target Market

Decades ago, a good way to connect and interact with potential clients was taking them out for lunch. Those days are long gone, though.

An SEO campaign can help you connect and reconnect with people. Achieve that by publishing quality content, such as blogs, videos, photos or press releases. Your business could become more visible and give you a chance to achieve your financial goals.

With the right SEO strategy, you can follow thought leaders, connect with professionals in your field, engage with clients, and keep up with new developments.

Mortgage Application

Does Your Credit Score Affect Your Ability to Get a Mortgage?

Mortgage ApplicationAre you planning to apply for a mortgage?

Let’s face it: calculating how much you’ll have to spend to buy a home can be a bit overwhelming. Not to mention the process can be an emotional and complex decision. For many Americans, buying their dream home is the most costly purchase of their lifetime.

With preparation and extensive research, however, you can reduce your anxiety. When you are reviewing your mortgage application, it’s a wise move to check your credit history.

Read on to know how your credit report can affect your ability to secure a mortgage.

It Determines the Interest Rate

Have you ever wondered if you can get the interest rates advertised on television or on the Internet? Perhaps that’s the biggest question of many homebuyers. Your credit report and score are key factors when lenders are making a decision about your application. So, it’s crucial to regularly check your history before a home purchase to have enough time to spot any problems. According to Salt Lake City mortgage companies, the lower your credit score, the higher the interest rate will be.

It Emphasize Debt, Income and Assets

If you have a balance on your credit card, it will likely affect the decision of lenders. No matter how they want to approve all applications, there are certain standards they need to follow. Industry professionals suggest that homebuyers think twice before applying for a new credit card, especially prior to applying for a home loan. The lower the score, the more it highlights your source of income and debt. If you are shopping for the right home loan that will suit your lifestyle, prepare to tell each lender your financial situation.

Buying a home can be downright difficult and emotionally draining. Before you take the plunge, it’s best to arm yourself with the right information.


Green ‘Playground’: Making Your Garden Safe for Your Kids

playgroundExposing children to the great outdoors early on is the best way to encourage them to become nature-lovers. Be that as it may, you cannot take toddlers out on hiking trails quite so soon. Regular trips to the park should be on the agenda, but you can also start at home by maintaining a beautiful and manicured garden.

Many families across Britain, however, think that a child-friendly garden is not exactly easy to achieve. With so many considerations (dangerous tools, plants that may cause allergies, etc.), most homeowners choose not to pursue it.

Fortunately, there are ways to introduce gardening to your kids without compromising their safety and safety. Take a look at some of the things you can do to make your garden a more child-friendly space:

Set up the fences

The first thing you have to do is to set up the fences. Make sure the perimeter is secured, especially if your garden has a sloping terrain. Wood fences are popular among homeowners, but vinyl ones are also durable and can withstand natural elements.

Put in a bird feeder or bath

Apart from growing colourful plants and flowers, you can also put a bird feeder in your garden. According to gardening experts, a high-quality bird feeder from the UK is great as it attracts birds, which can appeal to your child’s curiosity. A bird bath or pond can also make your garden a haven not just for the birds, but for insects and other animals.

Create colourful sign posts

Maximise the opportunities for learning by creating colourful sign posts. These will encourage your child to learn about the plants and fosters a genuine interest in the natural world. For a better experience, give them bits of information about the seeds when you plant them in your garden.

Put enough lights

Lights are not just for night-time. You can also use them to illuminate darker parts of the garden. You can use LED light bulbs to save energy or turn them on only when your child is playing in the area.

A child-friendly garden helps your kid become a better person. With a deep appreciation for nature at an early age, children will grow up wanting to make sure the environment is protected.

Boy Jumping On A Trampoline

Safety First, Bouncing Second: A Trampoline Buying Guide

TrampBoy Jumping On A Trampolineolines promote fitness through exercises while having fun. Still, like all exercises, it is important that you buy a safe trampoline if you wish to bounce your way to fitness, or the risks of the exercise itself would outweigh its potential health benefits.

Here is a simple trampoline-buying guide for you.

Stay Safe

Your first consideration in buying trampolines for exercise is safety. Remember the following:

  • Get safety pads on every part of the trampoline such as the springs, frame and hooks.
  • Erect a safety enclosure or netting that will prevent anyone using the trampoline from falling off when bouncing.
  • Use trampoline ladder, which is a safer way of getting in and out of the trampoline. Choose a removable ladder to make it even safer with kids around.
  • Consider a trampoline with a T-junction socket, which is more secure than one with welded joints.
  • Alternatively, you can use a spring-free trampoline as this reduces the risk of injuries.
Shape and Size

Next, consider the shape and size of the trampoline. Prefer a trampoline with a round shape. These do not bounce as high as the rectangular ones, and safe even multiple people using it at the same time. Round trampolines are perfect for gardens.

Buy the biggest possible trampoline that fits your garden, so there is a space of 8 inches left around its circumference, with 24 feet overhead clearance from the ground.


Finally, keep the cost of the trampoline within your budget. Find offers on exercise trampolines such as units that come with accessories like ladders, netting, etc. You can find such discounts on deal and bargain sites on the Internet, or you can check the seasonal promos of playground and sports equipment stores.

Exercise does not need to be boring and a chore. Buy a trampoline using these tips and make your fitness program more fun!

children's birthday party

Tips on Planning a Children’s Birthday Party

children's birthday partyThere are many function venues for a birthday celebration. This kind of party will be incomplete, however, without some sort of entertainment, especially if it is your kid’s big day.

Apart from the usual cake cutting, food, drinks, singing and dancing you should have some sort of amusement or activity to make the party lively and enjoyable for children.

The Regatta Hotel has some fun ideas that you can incorporate when planning a birthday event.

Various Ideas

To start with, hire a good magician who can show some neat tricks. A combination of games and a show will be the best alternative. An example is a fairy theme if it is a small girl’s birthday party. No matter the theme, though, you need to plan it well.

You can also hire an entertainment professional to take over the proceedings. For the budget-conscious or if you do not want to spend on professionals, you can step in as event coordinator. In the example above, you can adopt a ‘head fairy’ or ‘Fairy Godmother’ role in the proceedings.

Other theme options

Some superhero-inspired themes are also advisable, more so for little boys, such as those of Spiderman, Batman or Superman. You can hire character entertainers who can make a grand entrance and take over the party celebrations.

For the sports enthusiast you can have a party in the ground at the venue. You can hire a party organiser who can arrange for some structured sports or games. Slightly older kids love to sing and dance. You can get a good entertainer or a DJ to bring in a good sound system and let the children dance their hearts out.

Hire Professionals

Still, some parents are too busy, and may not have sufficient time for planning it themselves. In this case, hire an entertainer for the party instead, or at least an event organiser. Some of them are very professional and can take over the celebration. They even get party favours and prizes for the children with them.

For those interested in booking an event planner, most of them charge by the hour. They do not necessarily have to take over the event at the cake cutting or the introduction, but if you so choose they can come in the later half and provide the necessary entertainment.

Birthdays for little tykes are an enjoyable event. This is doubly so when you see children having fun, without a care in the world – this is a sign of a successful birthday party.

When a Disaster Strikes

When a Disaster Strikes: Here’s What You Need

When a Disaster StrikesNatural disasters can come in a variety of forms – an earthquake, a hurricane, a flash flood. Regardless, you need to make sure you are prepared to deal with things during and after such disasters. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Clear your surroundings.

In most cases, it is the things that can be found around our home that can be our undoing. So, make sure all loose items around your home are properly secured. If there are trees in your yard, you can check out if there’s a possibility of it falling on your house with the use of a yardstick. Just get the measurement between your eye and your outstretched fist holding the yardstick. Once done, align your fist with the base of the tree and then start walking backwards to your home. You are safe if the treetop gets aligned with the top of the yardstick before you reach your home.

2. Keep an emergency food kit.

Most emergency food kits have a long shelf life, so even if you are not anticipating a disaster, it would help to have a few tucked safely. Aside from this, you also need to make sure that you have enough drinking water as well as pasteurized milk, especially if you have children with you. It is also a good idea to keep all your documents in one binder for easy carrying. Make sure that you have some cash with you, as ATMs would probably be out of service after a disaster.

3. Know where to meet.

Make sure that everyone in your family knows where you would all meet up in case you get separated. This is particularly useful in the case of an earthquake or hurricanes. It might also be a good idea to have your children memorize the contact numbers of every family member.

These simple yet effective steps will surely come in handy should anything unexpected happens.


A Peek Under the Hood of an Air Conditioner

airconLike the refrigerator in your house, the AC uses chemicals to convert a gas called a refrigerant into a liquid state and back. This conversion transfers the heat from within the home to outside.

Here is a close look at how exactly an air conditioner works to make things cooler inside.
An AC and Its Parts

The parts of an AC that work together to bring down the temperature indoors are:

• Refrigerant
• Compressor
• Condenser
• Expansion valve
• Evaporator coil

The Refrigeration Cycle

The refrigerant is similar to blood, flowing through the unit’s evaporator coils. It is a chemical that can change its state at relatively low temperatures.

The AC contains fans that cause the movement of warm air from within the room over the coils. As a result of the heat, the liquid refrigerant changes into a gas. With the heat now transferred in this manner, the temperature indoors comes down quickly. This is especially useful in hot areas like Sandy, UT, where air conditioners are all the rage.

Continuing the Cycle

While this is the basic principle, what constitutes the crux of an AC is its ability to re-circulate the gaseous refrigerant. This way, it reuses the same chemical over and over again for cooling purposes, making the process efficient.

To reuse the refrigerant, it should undergo a process to reconvert to its liquid state, a process carried out by the compressor. This part of the AC puts a high pressure on the gas to turn it into a liquid. This work generates heat as well, which the condenser dumps outside. Now that the refrigerant in the AC is back to its liquid state, it is ready to start once again the entire process of cooling.

An air conditioner works in the same principle as refrigerator – in that it sucks the heat from a small space and dumps that heat outside. This is all thanks to an ingenious system of coils and refrigerant chemicals.

measuring waist line

Essential Tips for Losing Weight

measuring waist lineLosing weight doesn’t have to be torture. Keep in mind that there’s a huge difference between getting in shape and being malnourished. You just need to improve your diet by choosing the right meals and practicing regular exercise.

While there are so many slimming products and procedures in Singapore today, it is best to find the safest and healthiest solution to lose weight. Getting in shape is more than cutting down on every meal; it’s about changing your lifestyle.

Start improving your figure with these simple tips:

TIP #1: Eat healthy

You don’t need to skip meals to lose weight. You just need to choose healthy food and eat on time. You might need to take it easy with the carbs, though. Eat plenty of green vegetables and make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water. This is the best way to eliminate toxins in your body.

TIP #2: Eliminate the bad eating habits

As mentioned above, it’s more than just improving your diet; it’s a lifestyle change. You might need to stop having your dinner while watching your favourite TV show. This is not a good idea at all. It is always better to prepare each meal on a table, even if you’re eating alone. You also need to cut down on other lousy habits like smoking cigarettes after meals.

TIP #3: Monitor your weight

Consider stepping on that weighing scale daily. If you experience weight increases over a few days in a row, then you need to act. Cut back a little on the carbohydrates, add more protein and work it out.

TIP #4: Consult a health expert

Before taking any diet pills or going to any slimming and contouring treatments, make sure to consult a doctor. Keep in mind that your health and safety should be your first priority. Do your research and take your time. Choose the best treatment for you.

Following these tips can help you get back in shape. There are no shortcuts for getting that nice body. You need to work hard for it.