How the Economy Affects Commercial Property Value

EconomyWhen talking about properties, the first thing that comes to mind is its value—the same goes for commercial properties.

Australia’sreal estate condition is alarming many, as it seems to be majorly dominated by Chinese buyers. While the bubble started in residential properties, it has also made its way to commercial properties. As almost half of all Chinese investment Down Under is centred on commercial real estate.

What does this have to do with their value? How does the economy play a role inyour commercial property’s valuation?

Quite a lot. shares just how with the following:


The Gross Domestic Product of a country is vital to real estate. The GDP is taken from economic indicators like employment rates, manufacturing activities and cost of living. So when the economy is at a low, so is the real estate industry.

Economic Crises

During times of crisis like recession, the majority of people will lose their jobs and have a hard time finding a stable income. This also affects the state of businesses. If there’s not enough money to go around to sustain or solve the crisis in the economy, goods will sell for much higher and not many people will be able to afford it—especially properties.

For your commercial property, it can mean a huge setback. With the recession and downsizing, more companies and businesses will have close to no need for it at all or have a difficult time affording it. However, selling or leasing your property during a time of progress and prosperity assures you a market and a stable flow of income.

This is when the role of timing comes in—knowing when to sell or lease your property largely affects its value. Putting your property up onthe market during a time of need or decline will hike and lower its value, respectively.

In the same way, the property market also contributes to the economic progress of a nation. In AU, its industry is one of the key factors in doing so—even atthe brink of recession.

All sectorsof society greatly affect one another, the economybeing the greatest of all. Though it affects all aspects of living, knowing how your commercial property’s value is affected during economic trends and phenomenon willhelp you get the most from your assets.


Time for a Real Vacation: Why You Should Get Out of Town

VacationTaking a break from work and spending it at home is not a real vacation. While it can help you save more money, it will not give you the chance to unwind or relax totally. Getting out of town or leaving the city for a few days will you refresh your mind and rejuvenateyou.

Don’t waste your holiday at home and doing the same things you normally do on weekends. shares why you need to take a real vacation and get out of town:

Satisfying Holiday

Indulging yourself, such as seeing a movie or meeting friends in a club, is nothing like a real vacation. While it is different from the things you normally do on a workday, it will not give you a satisfying holiday. Leaving the city is what you need to relax and recharge. It will also change your perspective and let you experience new influences.

Memorable Experiences

Spending your vacation at home eventually leads to wasting the day watching television or taking an afternoon siesta. Instead of lazing around, get out of the city and try new things. Visiting a new place will you give you memorable experiences that can sustain you when facing challenges at work or in life.

Meeting New Friends

Traveling to a completely different place will help you meet and make new friends. This will widen your network and open different opportunities. This will also give you chance to get ideas from people of other backgrounds and gain a new perspective.

Cost is Not an Excuse

If you’re worried about the cost, plan your vacation a few weeks in advance. Early booking can save you some money on flight and hotel costs. There are also all-inclusive packages that can give youa meaningful vacation at a fraction of a cost.

Don’t pick idleness or staycation over getting out of town. Get to know a new place, discover different cultures, and let yourself enjoy what other places can offer.