Content Length

Content Length: Is Longer Better?

Content Length in SydneyWhen it comes to online content, research suggests that longer content pieces convert better than those with fewer words. This is because the algorithm updates now favour detailed and well-researched content about a certain topic and pieces that do not heavily focus on keyword optimisation.

This seems a little confusing, as most online users have shorter attention span. They scan content pieces and do not read every single word on the article. So, why is it that research shows that a long content can increase ranking and conversion?

Conversion with Longer Content

Longer posts are said to enhance conversion because they offer more value to readers. Such content is likewise considered informative and detailed, providing more facts and offering an in-depth explanation to readers. Quality long content pieces usually contain 2,000 to 2,500 words.

Not all content with more words, however, can produce leads of better quality. The presentation of facts, good linking strategy and the proper use of keywords matter in conversion. SEO service providers in North Sydney note that search engine sites only favour quality or in-depth content that will remain valuable or relevant years after publication.

The Value of Shorter Pieces

While longer content converts better, this does not mean that shorter pieces don’t stand a chance. There are situations such as video presentations, product descriptions, infographics, marketing content and social media posts where shorter is better.

Shorter pieces offer more value and convenience, especially for those who want immediate answers. Most online readers, however, knows how to evaluate a content to determine if it is worth their time. This is why it is important to create engaging, valuable and meaningful content pieces.

Longer content converts better, but this does not mean that content marketers should only publish blogs or articles with more words. Offering both longer and shorter content is a much better strategy. Quality, of course, is of utmost importance to give readers more reasons to stay longer and read the content up to the last word.

Being Retired: A Full-Time Job of Staying Happy

RetirementRetirement can mean different things for different people. Some may find that it’s great now that they’re finally going to get some break after decades of working. Others find that it leaves them with a sense of loss, like the character of Ben Whitaker was in the film The Intern. The restlessness was what mostly led him to apply for the “Senior Internship” in Jude’s company.

Retirement does not have to equal to inactivity. So if you’re someone like Ben Whitaker, and there’s no company offering senior citizen internship near you, gives this short list that can help you get started.

1. Learning a another language

This is a great opportunity to start learning another culture. Language is a fundamental part of a culture and it might be interesting to get to know something different from what you grew up with. Now, if you already know another language, try to learn a new one since it’s good for your memory.

2. Traveling

When you’re done learning a new language, perhaps you could consider traveling to the countries that speak that language. Or maybe not there and go to some remote jungle to have some adventure that you missed out on when you were filling paperwork.

3. Teaching others

The fact that you’re retired speaks volumes of the experiences and skills you’ve accumulated. Maybe you could consider passing it on to the next generation. There is also something fulfilling about being able to teach others. And you can always learn something in return.

4. Going back to school

Let’s be honest, you were probably curious about learning about another field when you were in college. No? Well, whether or not you did, since you have the time, you can finally try something new. Maybe you were an engineer, so maybe this time you could major in theater.

5. Starting a new hobby

Having one to three hobbies is nice but sometimes there is still room for another one. Try something physical like gardening or hiking. Fishing might be an option, too, as those casting rods will exercise your arm muscles, and customized Loop Evotec reels are nice to look at.

6. Doing nothing

You’re retired. You probably just want to relax. You’ve earned it.

Well, Ben Whitaker said that aside from being bored out of his mind, he wanted to feel like he still belongs somewhere. However, if you look at it closely, it all boils down to being happy. You’ve worked your entire life and you’ve been through a lot, so this time, invest in something that will make you happy.

Auto Repair Shop

Auto Repair Shop: Choosing the Right Experts for Your Ride

Auto Repair Shop in AucklandIn most cases, it is not always possible to choose a repair shop before one needs it. If your vehicle has been damaged in an accident, or you simply need it repainted or serviced, consider the factors below before choosing any auto repair shop.

Do Not Choose in a Hurry

All auto repair shops are in this industry to make money. This means that few of them would offer the highest level of support. If you’re looking for an expert in South Auckland or anywhere near your area that paints vehicles and handles car dents and bumper repairs, it is best to choose one carefully. Hiring the most reliable expert can provide the highest possible quality of services.

Choose an Established Repair Shop

Choosing an established service provider is beneficial, as they can handle any type of job. This is because they had the necessary training and have a range of resources. They would hire the right number of staff to guarantee prompt services.

Take Note of the Location

Choose the nearest local repair shop, so you can save time and money from driving too far. In case the vehicle is in bad shape, look for those that offer free or low-cost towing services. Visit the shop in question to determine if your vehicle would be safe, particularly if it would be impossible to complete the repair work in a single day.

Ask About Service Charges

The auto repair shop of your choice should be willing to disclose their rates before they even start working. If they would charge you for diagnostic work, they should inform you regarding the same as soon as possible. Ask if they would accept your insurance, as well.

It is important that you choose an expert that is certified and insured. Certification is proof of expertise, while insurance would guarantee your peace of mind. Don’t forget the suggestions mentioned the next time you look for an auto repair shop.

Birthday Parties for Kids – Hosting a Successful Event

Kids’ Party VenuePlanning to host a party for your kid? There are quite a few kids’ party venues that can be perfect for celebrations. Whether you need sunscreen or need to stay all day, these venues have all the materials to help you plan and host a successful party.

Birthday parties should be memorable, even the owners of Bounce agree to this. Some kid's party venues in Melbourne offer personalised services to fit the ideas of parents who want to make their kids happy.

Here are some things that party venues offer:

  • Planning: Sometimes, it is fun choosing a theme for a party. Choose one based on your child’s likes. Pick from themes like comic characters, nautical, beach balls, sports, or anything that your child loves.
  • Sending invites: There are several cool choices for invitations — get invitations printed on deflated balloons or balls. You can even choose from a range of pre-printed invitations and fill out the details.
  • Decorations: The right decorations will set the mood of the party. Use floats that come in novel shapes for the best effect. You can use paper lanterns or brown paper bags; add personal touches. You could even use sections of floater noodles to make garlands.
  • Food: This is probably the easiest thing to organise. Most children are easy to please and have their favorite foods. Keep in mind that some kids may have food allergies. Mini burgers, pizza, a taco bar, and fruits are some of the best choices for a children's party. Offer popsicles and ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Water and fruit juices are good on hot days when kids are playing and having fun.
  • Serving food and drinks: You can use towels as table runners or linen. Snacks can be placed in adorable little buckets and on ice, so food will not go bad in the heat.
  • Games: Children's love for games will never go away soon. Hold a contest for who can make the highest jump on trampolines, or run the fastest during a relay. Treasure hunts, Marco Polo, and passing the ball, are just a few ideas. Most venues have a list of fun activities that they can organise.

Kids know how to have a good time. Encourage them to participate and have a memorable day.

Wood in Australia

Properties of Wood and Why it Is Ideal for Sustainable Construction

Wood in AustraliaWith the increasing popularity of sustainable design, people are showing keen interest in lowering their carbon footprint. In such discussions, one of the first building materials that come to mind is timber. Do you know why it is the preferred choice in the sustainable approach to building and construction? 

Custom Green provides a primer on timber’s innate properties.

Embodied energy

Embodied energy is the type of energy used in producing any material. In the construction industry today, most materials are produced using fossil fuels. The procedures involve releasing of greenhouse gases, which are key elements in the global warming phenomenon.

On the contrary, timber species used in construction do not require fossil fuels. In fact, the energy used by trees to grow comes directly from the sun. As soon as they are grown, the trees are cut down, sawn and processed, and they are ready for use.

The carbon cycle

We have all learned in elementary school that trees provide the oxygen humans and animals need to breathe. The oxygen gas is a byproduct of the process of photosynthesis, which only plants are capable. Plants use water, nutrients, solar energy, and carbon dioxide (CO2) to produce their own food and oxygen. The excessive levels of carbon dioxide, also considered a greenhouse gas, in the atmosphere is a key element in climate change.

The old trees chopped for lumber contains stored carbon dioxide. This is how forests of trees help maintain “just right” CO2 levels. As new trees are planted in their place in sustainably maintained forests, more plants can sequester the gas from the atmosphere.

Lastly, throughout its life cycle, wood is recyclable like other renewable materials. From the time timber is harvested to the period when it falls into decay, a plank or wood can be part of more than one type of consumer product. In the end, a piece of wood may serve as fuel for cooking, or warming up the hearth.

Hybrid Car Window Films in Adelaide

Specialty and Hybrid Car Window Films

Hybrid Car Window Films in AdelaideAuto window films protect people in more than one way. Through its multi-layered structure, we get protection against harmful UV rays and glare, broken pieces of glasses, and additional cost due to vandalism.

A window tint is made of a polyester material where multiple layers are combined to provide the necessary protections expected of this product. These can be specialty products based on the distinct protective features they hold.

UVA and UVB Protection

Glasses are effective protection against UVA and UVB rays, two types of harmful sun rays that reach us. But with side windows made of plastic, these rays can penetrate inside and can cause skin damage.

The report says that the skin exposed to the window side is often rougher, slacker and more wrinkled. Moreover, US drivers tend to have skin cancer on the left side of their face while Australian’s on the right, particularly in Adelaide. Car tints block these rays from penetrating the interior of the vehicle and thus save your skin from suffering damage.

Shatter Safe

A shatter-resistant car window film can prevent further injury that shattered window glass can cause during an accident. This type of protective film can hold broken glass pieces in one piece, thus mitigating a significant damage that razor-sharp shards can bring to materials or people. It’s important to consider whether a film can better hold broken glasses in tiny pieces or those knife-like bigger glass shatter.  While it cannot prevent theft or intentional breakage, these specialty films can help save lives.


Graffiti paints on car windows are ugly. Removing them needs time and effort and sometimes additional expense for a window replacement if a thorough cleaning will not suffice. With anti-graffiti films, all these can be avoided by car owners. Of course, it also helps to be extra cautious in terms of choosing a parking lot in public areas to avoid vandals.

The most basic car window film provides UV rays protection. The specialty type offers more than that. So when tinting a car, it helps to go for films with hybrid protective features. In Australia, these can be found in suppliers of specialty car window films.

AC Repair

4 Common Causes Of Air Cooling Inefficiency

AC Repair During summer, the worst you expect in your house is an air conditioner that can’t effectively cool the indoor air. Defective air conditioners make the indoor atmosphere unfriendly.

Air conditioner technicians from Sandy recaps that both non-technical and technical faults greatly reduce the cooling efficiency of an AC unit.

Dirty coils

If the condenser coils of your air conditioner are dirty or loaded with debris, the unit may not cool the air as desired. Dirty coils are unable to dissipate heat outside, letting the heat remain. If dirt continues to accumulate in these coils, the unit will forcefully work harder to cool the rooms and sometimes can cause outbursts.

Faulty compressor

An air conditioner with a defective compressor will not cool your rooms effectively. Compressors or motors compress the coolant or refrigerant and circulate it through the condenser coils and evaporator. When the compressor becomes defective, the cooling cycle fails and the air conditioner is unable to cool.

Clogged air filters

Air can’t circulate properly in clogged filters. Dust, insects, and leaves are some of the things that clog air filters. Thoroughly clean or replace clogged filters.

Defective unit parts

Air conditioners have different parts that function differently. If any of the components is faulty, the rest of the unit is unable to work as intended. For instance, air conditioners with faulty motors, capacitors, control board, thermistor, or chocked capillary will have underperforming cooling ability.

When you find it’s hot inside and the AC unit is still working, you may check any of the above problems. The inability of the unit to cool your room does not always mean it’s not working. It could be functioning, but with no effect. For maximum output, call in a competent technician to inspect it.

Extra Curricular Activities for Kids in Dubai

How Much Time should Kids Spend Participating in Club Activities?

Extra Curricular Activities for Kids in DubaiToday’s school and work environments can be competitive — too competitive, in some cases. Because you want your children to excel, it’s only natural to encourage them to join extracurricular activities. These after school clubs help students keep pace with their friends, as well as prepare them for the adult world.

Managing after-school activities can be a challenge for both you and your child. While some kids thrive on being busy, others don’t. So, how much is enough in terms of extracurricular activities?

20 hours, reveals a study.

The Magic Formula

Extracurricular activities are beneficial, especially if you want your child to learn more. The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai believes that exposing students to other facets of learning prepares them well for the world. But overdoing it might cause harmful consequences.

The study entitled “Extracurricular Activity in High-Performing School Contexts: Stress Buster, Booster or Buffer?” revealed that 87% of students from well-off schools and extracurricular activities were happy with their routines, unless they do more than four hours each day. According to Denise Pope from the Stanford University Graduate School, more than 20 hours of after-school activities results in burn out and health issues.

Students experienced less sleep, more emotional problems, and higher stress levels than those doing fewer activities.

Differing Opinions

There are two main thoughts concerning outside activities. The first group believes that joining clubs builds new skills for students. It also broadens horizons, reduces TV time, builds new friendships and also improves socialization skills.

The other camp, on the other hand, insists that childhood is fleeting and too many activities will burn a student out. They’ll lose energy for other activities, which may result in loss of sleep, depression, stress and anxiety.

Striking a Balance

To prevent your child from burning out, limit the number of activities they participate in. As the study says, kids should only spend a maximum of 20 hours in after school activities. A club or two is okay, as long as they get enough rest and can also manage their time. Don’t push them to do much to prevent higher levels of stress.

Your child can still be an achiever without joining too many activities. Remember what the study says: keep it under 20.

Mortgage Loans: What You Need to Know About Them


Mortgage Loans in Salt Lake CityBuying a home is one of the biggest purchases you'll ever make. Utilising a mortgage provides a more feasible way to own a home because the payment can be spread out long term, say, over a period of 20 years. Although you can get a Salt Lake City mortgage without a down payment, it is much better to approach a lender with a deposit as it improves you credit score.

Mortgage company City Creek Mortgage gives a good overview of a mortgage.

Collateral. Upon qualifying for a mortgage, you agree to repay the principal amount, the interest and other costs that may be involved. The property you buy through the mortgage acts as the security for the loan. So if you do not repay the mortgage, the lender can sell the property to recover the debt.

Principal plus interest. The principal is the sum of the borrowed amount. You can lower the principal up front by putting a down payment. Interest, on the other hand, is what is charged for the borrowed money. The monthly instalment you pay includes both the principal and the interest. The instalments reduce your debt over the mortgage term.

Insurance. Lenders will not close the mortgage deal unless you take a home insurance. This will cover your property against losses from fire, bad weather, burglary, and other causes.

Taxes. They are charged according to the value of your property. The taxes goes toward financing developments in the community such as building infrastructure. They may be included in your monthly instalments.

So why buy a home using mortgage? Below are two of the best reasons.

Home ownership is affordable. Not many people can buy a home by paying a lump sum. Since mortgage repayment is spread over many years, such instalments become affordable and manageable.

Cost-effective. Interest rates attached to a mortgage are usually lower than for any other type of loan. This is because the property acts as the security. This makes a mortgage cost-effective way of obtaining a loan.

Enjoy living in your home and save the money for rent to repay the mortgage. It may take many years to build enough savings to buy a home, but rather than wait for that long, get a mortgage and enjoy having your own home fast.

Shared Platform

Features Outside the Box: Dropbox as More than a Sharing Platform

Sharing PlatformDropbox is a file hosting service enabling easy collaborating and sharing of files. You can be in the office, working remotely, or on your mobile phone, and still be connected to your files.

A recent article in ZDnet says that the cloud-based file storing service has reached 500 million users worldwide. The numbers quickly grew since it launched in the file sharing industry in 2008. In their 8 years of cloud-based service, Dropbox has serviced 8 million businesses. With more than 400 million subscribers, the company is making its own global community.

If you are not part of these statistics, you’re terribly lagging behind. The self-study and seminar resource company notes that Dropbox can also act as a server in an office setting and provide security and reliability.

Apart from bridging the gap between colleagues around the world who want to share a huge amount of pictures/videos, or between businesses that need to transfer heavy documents, Dropbox has more clever uses than sharing via cloud.

Remote Monitoring of Computer

By using a screenshot tool, you can check your computer for running tasks or unauthorized access. With Dropbox you can periodically check your folder and see everything happening on your screen remotely.

Alternative for Quick Installation of Android Apps

Sometimes, when installing a new app, you need to use an Android Application Package (APK) File and plug-in your mobile device via USB. With Dropbox on your phone, you can drag the APK file or ZIP file and install it instantly. This is useful for smaller files, and spare you time plugging in your phone.

Remote File Printing from Your Home PC

Dropbox can automatically print documents at home. With the use of script running in your home PC, you can print documents from anywhere and have it waiting for you when you get back. Just add a document to your Dropbox folder from a smartphone or any remote computer and it can print the document with simple commands.

As Dropbox is reaching its new frontier, more people are benefitting from its goal of simplifying the way individuals and businesses work together. As new users join in the cloud-based sharing and collaboration service, it promises to have more uses “outside the box” in the future.