The Office Cake Culture Promotes Obesity and Poor Dental Health

Cake CultureThe workplace can be a stressful environment, which is probably why the cake culture exists. Employees associate sweets with happiness, so every chance they get, they eat cake. They look forward to birthday celebrations at work to have this excuse.

The majority of people worldwide have a sweet tooth, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if it makes you feel better at work. You may consume all the sweets you want as long as you take good care of your body and regularly visit your dentist in Crows Nest. Otherwise, you’ll become a statistic encouraging obesity and poor dental health.

The Workplace Cake Culture

A dental leader warns offices that cake culture encourages obesity and poor dental health. Professor Nigel Hunt, the dean of the Royal College of Surgeons, recommends that employees pack fruit dishes instead of bringing cookies, biscuits and doughnuts. He wants employers to avoid offering such nibbles during meetings.

Managers do this to reward colleagues for their hard work, and employees rely on sweets for celebrations. However, Hunt cautions people that offices are a principal source of sugar.

The Drawbacks of the Cake Culture

Hunt says this habit is harmful, as the snacks could have been exposed the whole day. Sugar has an undesirable effect if it’s consumed outside of meal times. He adds that this culture is a huge challenge for people who want to be healthy and are trying to lose weight. He explains that he’s not trying to prohibit treats; what he advocates is to change the culture.

The dean says it’s perfectly fine if a person wants to indulge in a cake slice or sweets as long as he buys them in smaller amounts and only eats them during meals.

Responsible companies must take the lead in promoting a healthy lifestyle. After all, their businesses would be useless if they have unhealthy workers.

Bon Voyage! Tips for First-Time Flyers

First time flyersWhen it comes to flying for the first time, you do not have to beat yourself up for feeling anxious. It is normal for any first-time flyer to over think about the trip and have scattered thoughts — stressing over the wee details, like where to go and fall in line as soon as you arrive at the airport., for example, makes it easier for their guests by providing a page answering frequently asked questions. From booking to checking in, and from baggage to extras or add-ons, these are things you have to know as a passenger, so do not feel ashamed to ask airport personnel.

There is a first time for everything. It is through experience that you learn about these things, such as allowable items and baggage weights. Protocols may vary for every airport and airline. So, for those flying for the first time or for the rusty plane traveller, here are a few pointers you can take note of:

  • Checking-In – For most flights, you can check-in as early as 24 hours before your scheduled departure. This allows you to print your boarding pass beforehand and save time from having to wait in line to print your ticket. Know where your terminal will be and leave an hour early.
  • Packing and Luggage – Before you even leave home, be sure to know what items are allowable in your carry-on and your suitcase. Overweight luggage has corresponding penalties, so be sure to follow the weight limit. Another tip is marking your luggage — use ribbons or tags to make them easily distinguishable.
  • Security – Be ready to strip and pull out metals like belts, phones, jewellery and laptops from their bags, so make them accessible and wear slip-on shoes. Also, prepare your ID and ticket so you can whip it out in a second.
  • Plane – Use the loo before your flight and do not leave your bags unattended. Find your seat and settle in or listen to the flight attendant since it is your first time, right? Chewing gum will help with ear popping and ginger ale helps with flight sickness.

You are sure to learn even more as you embark on your journey, so, as they, bon voyage!

Man’s Everyday Carry Basics: A Beginner’s Guide for Modern Daily Survival

Everyday Carry ItemsThe character of Forrest Gump is famous for this line: “Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.” Although these words ring true, the part about not knowing what you're going to get reeks of unpreparedness. For the everyday Boy Scout, that is simply unacceptable. And from that refusal to be surprised by practically any everyday situation came the gentleman's natural instinct to have “everyday carry” items, or EDC.

With Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, #edc or #everydaycarry has become more popular not just as a term but as a lifestyle. But the truth is, before EDC became the subject of millions of smartphone camera users, people around the world already had their own #pocketdump. Maybe you don't know all the hashtags — you just grab your gear and go—but you already have a few items you cannot do without.

Whether you're here for acknowledgement or confirmation, or to have something to show your non-EDC-ing friends to convince them, or to have an idea yourself what EDC is and how you can start your basic package, here are a few of the primary components of a man's everyday carry.

1. Keychain – The point is simple: you want your keys (house, car, toolbox, etc.) organized and easy to reach. It can be a simple paracord string or one of those fancy titanium or carbon fiber keyrings — the savvier ones even use Swiss turning to DIY something special—what's important is you've got your keys living together in your pocket or bag, ready for the grabbing.

2. Wallet – A place to keep your cash, cards, and that credit card-type ninja all-purpose knife. It can be made of nice leather or some sturdy canvas. Some prefer a more minimalist money clip or a combination card case & money clip. The point is you don't want that cash getting all crumpled and soggy in your jeans pockets. You want it all together, nicely folded and ready when you have to pay for that six-pack.

3. Smartphone – Need you ask why? Whether you need to check a map, call 911, pass the time while waiting for a girlfriend, or use the flashlight to find a jack in the toolbox of your truck, just remember, “there's an app for that.”

4. Pocket knife – Whether you prefer a multi-tool, a Swiss Army knife, or a tactical knife (check with laws in your area), a good blade comes in handy in many situations: peeling fruit, opening bottles, batoning wood, etc.

Your everyday carry items can be as few as the one listed here or they can fill a backpack, but the most important part is utility and convenience. Perhaps the perfect term would be “personal,” so when you do reach into your pockets, purse, or satchel, you always know what you're going to get.

Hate How Your Teeth Look? It’s More Than Appearance

Dental ImplantsYou probably know how other countries, particularly the U.S., make jokes about people in the U.K. having bad teeth. While a new survey from The BMJ (formerly known as the British Medical Journal) revealed that English adults fare better than American adults in terms of having more natural teeth, this should not make you lax about your own missing teeth or the overall state of your oral health.

Your oral health, physical appearance and mental well-being

Unpleasant appearance is the most obvious effect of having gaps in the mouth caused by lost teeth. How your teeth look (or your lack thereof) affects many other aspects of your life, particularly your physical appearance. What you probably do not know is how it affects your mental and emotional well-being.

Embarrassment and shame will make you lose interest or even fear attending social gatherings. Isolation will follow, which is a catalyst to anxiety and even depression.

Improve your smile for your own good

Many people do not like how their teeth look, especially the gaps caused by a missing or extracted tooth. Remember that you are not alone, though. Instead of wallowing in fear or isolation, seek help to improve your smile. When you improve your smile, you do a lot of good. This is not only in terms of appearance, but in terms of your overall health as well. This can be in the form of implants or any other dental procedure.

Treatment options for 'bad teeth' concerns

In North West London, dental implants have become one of the most popular options for filling gaps caused by a missing or lost tooth. Veneers, crowns and bridges still remain as good options, but when you qualify for implants, think of this as your better investment.

Bad teeth, whether crooked, chipped or damaged, can cause not only oral health problems and mental illnesses, but other health concerns like diabetes and heart disease. Rather than risking it, think about your long-term health.

Three Reasons Why Ice Delivery Services Are More Convenient And Practical

Ice Delivery Services in TaurangaWith the summer season lurking right at your doorsteps, the mid-year heat is soon to follow. To keep your drinks cool and your food from spoiling, having ice is going to be a must. Instead of taking frequents trips to the store or outlet and bring back bags of ice that will just drip in your vehicle, why not just have it delivered right where you need them to be.

Ice delivery companies have been in business for about two centuries now, and they have been chilling beverages and consumables all year round. The earliest glass of water with ice was said to be first seen in the 1800s, and ever since then, ice delivery was in demand.

Though ice is now accessible in different locations, having them in the amount and location that you need could still be troublesome. However, thanks to delivery services, ice is more accessible than ever. Here are more reasons on how you can benefit from ice deliveries:

Avoid The Mess

As soon the bag of ice is taken out of the refrigeration device, ice begins to melt. On average, ice in room temperature would be completely melted in a span of 30 to 45 minutes. If the accumulated time of the ice bag from the refrigeration unit to the counter to the car and to its destination is more than 30 minutes, chances are you will end up with a puddle in your ride.

Ice delivery vehicles such as those of Klassic Ice's are equipped with cooling devices that keep the ice solid. From the vehicle to your doorstep to your freezers, melting should be contained.

Comes In The Size That You Need

Ice companies fabricate ice in all sorts of sizes for commercial use. They can make ice slabs, tube ice, crushed ice and others. Instead of freezing water on your own and then shaping them to the size that you want, you can simply purchase your preferred size that is available in the ice company.

Available In Larger Quantity

If you’re planning a party or celebration, ice companies will gladly supply you with the amount you need. Making a large amount of ice on your own is both time consuming and tedious. You can save more time and resources by simply ordering.

Opting for ice delivery services are simply more convenient and practical to get ice at the place and in the amount that you need. It is also cooler than way.

Pursue Legal Studies and Unleash Your Inner Elle Woods or Harvey Specter

Lawyer Listening To ClientsIf you’ve always dreamed of working in a law firm and defending your client’s rights, you need to channel your inner Elle Woods or Harvey Specter. Being a lawyer is an extraordinary profession that requires a lot of financial investment, commitment, and time. It does not only revolve around firing up your case and putting that murderer to rest.

Pursuing your passion and starting early by enrolling in online high schools such as The American Academy is an easy task, but you will be responsible for a client’s future later on. Ensure that you’re passionate enough to fight for their case. After all, the career will provide several advantages in the long run.

The Deed of Helping Others

Lawyers assist organizations, individuals, and groups with their legal issues. There are even lawyers who provide pro bono service, available for free or at a reduced price. They provide this opportunity for individuals who can’t afford it.

The Possibility of a High Income

Lawyers are one of the highest paid professionals in the legal industry, and most of them earn higher than the regular rate. The median annual salary is USD 78,242, but the world’s topnotch lawyers earn million-dollar incomes. However, before you get excited, know that salaries still depend on the size of the company, your level of experience, and the geographic region.

Lawyers with the highest salaries mostly work in major metropolitan locations and are in sought-after law practices.

The Hallmark of Prestige

Lawyers were admired even before your grandparents' time. They have that symbol of authority that embodies success and commands respect.

Those are just a few of the upsides of pursuing a career in law. However, remember that your main goal is to protect your client’s rights. You will be facing struggles during your education and even when you get a career, but this is a one-of-a-kind profession that’s worth all those difficulties.

There’s Much More to Office Cubicles Than You Think

An office cubicle is perhaps among the most routine things you’ll see. At first glance, its use is pretty apparent—provide an employee with some sort of a private workspace. Office cubicles have been a part of the corporate world for so long that they seem too mundane. What not a lot of people know is that there’s a slew of interesting stories—not to mention concepts—behind its use.

Quality Used Office Furniture

Cubicle Space And Productivity

There’s no minimum space requirement for cubicles. What authorities like the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) only say is that cubicles should have ample space for disabled employees to be able to enter, work, and exit without hindrance. But, there are some notable locales that have set guidelines (Travis County, TX and the State of Wisconsin).

Employers must also recognize the fact that cubicle space improves morale and increases productivity. Note that only minimum dimensions are dictated by specific guidelines. What matters is that the employee doesn’t feel too cramped (in a tight space) or insignificant in a very large one.

Standing Workstations Are Nothing New

The inventor of the office cubicle, a man named Robert Propst, came up with its forerunner which he called the Action Office Plan in 1958. Apart from envisioning a private space where employees can work, he also thought of a standing desk with a roll-top. He designed it as such so that workers can securely leave work on their desks overnight, instead of having to clear it out first. What axed the standing desk from public conscience until recently is that managers find it easier to supervise sitting employees.

Ironically, It May Make It Easy to Make Friends in the Office

Capital Standard editor-in-chief Ursula Lauriston ironically finds cubicles as conducive to making new friends. According to her, the cubicle proves helpful in a large environment where you might not know everyone who works at the office. To her, it’s as easy as walking by a cubicle, seeing something interesting, and then striking up a conversation. Propst’s Action Office plan also saw the same reactions. When it was released, it saw a lot of positive reviews and was viewed as a “liberating” concept.

Solar Power is More Affordable than Ever

Solar PowerSolar power is not new technology. In fact, solar panels have existed since the 1950s and were used to power satellites in space. Cost is one of the reasons it has not been implemented widely. It was too costly for the average citizen.

With the latter half of the 2000s came a boom in renewable energy. Solar panels require lower costs to manufacture, and some governments began subsidising its citizens to allow them to make the switch to renewable energy. You can now buy solar panels yourself from companies like Ecolution. It is as easy as purchasing a new satellite dish or an air conditioner.

Affordable Solar Panels

The UK used to provide subsidies to citizens who choose to install solar panels in their homes. As of 2015, however, the government cut the solar subsidy scheme to free funds for other projects. The solar industry worries that the timing is off, as solar power is believed to not yet be self-sufficient at this point.

Nevertheless, solar panels are more affordable than they have ever been in the past. They are 80% cheaper now than they were half a decade ago. In fact, the British solar market was virtually non-existent before the 2010s. Current trends will only see an increase in solar energy usage for the next few years.

Cheaper, Cleaner Energy

The manufacture and the installation of solar panels are still the most expensive parts of the process. But once the initial overhead costs are addressed, solar energy pays for itself. In the UK and in Germany, solar and wind energy cost less than fossil fuels.

The great thing about solar is it has no recurring costs. Fossil fuels require constant mining and refinement to keep up the generators running. On the other hand, solar takes its energy entirely from the sun, which is an almost unlimited source of power. You do not need any extra digging, refinement or transport to deliver the sun’s rays to your panels.

Hopefully, solar energy only continues to become more affordable. In the future, we may not need anything but renewable energy.

Avoid These Office Cleaning Mistakes

Clean Office In New ZealandRunning a business is like running a household. Your work place should be well-maintained because your clients’ initial impression of your business is based on how well-kept your office is.

Also, Allbrite Services Ltd says a disorganised room can affect employees’ productivity. If you’re looking for a cleaning company, New Zealand has various service providers that can help you. You may call and visit them for assistance.

Meanwhile, there are numerous office cleaning mistakes. It pays to learn some of them to know which you should do away with.

  • Considering that all cleaning solutions are disinfectants

Cleaning solutions have different compositions. Some contain strong disinfectants used to kill harmful germs; others contain mild chemicals for less harmful bacteria. A lot of disinfectants have to remain on the surface for a few minutes before rinsing them off. Otherwise, the surface remains infected. For that, it is best to read labels of cleaning solutions and follow the manufacturer’s direction.  

  • Thinking that vinegar and lemon juice can clean everything

Vinegar mixed with water can remove soap scum and water deposits.  But the acid in the vinegar and lemon juice can wear away marble and even change the appearance of stones. For natural surfaces, it is best to use mild cleaning products that are specifically formulated for them.

  • Using excessive amounts of cleaning solutions

Before using any cleaning product, make sure to read, understand and always follow the direction on how to use them. Too little of the solution may not give you the expected result. But, too much of it can damage the surface and endanger humans. For best results, use just the right amount of the solution as directed.

  • Not having proper waste management

Teach your employees the proper waste disposable of refuse. Educate them about biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials. Have a separate disposal area for each of them.

There is nothing more relaxing than having a clean work environment where everyone is inspired to perform his or her best. A clean office boosts every employee’s morale and increases his or her productivity. For your office cleaning needs, there are experts that can assist you.

Spoiled Rotten? Do Parents Give Children Too Much Sugar?

Young lady eating too much cookiesMany health officials, including Public Health England (PHE), believe that children are consuming too much sugar. Not only does this contribute to childhood obesity, but a number of toddlers below the age of five are losing their teeth to cavities.

The overconsumption of sugar is the primary culprit behind the prevalence of cavities in toddlers. Edinburgh Dental Specialists says children should start brushing their teeth and flossing as early as possible. This is so that they can avoid the consequences of losing their teeth too early.

Children Eat Too Much Sugar

The popularity of sweets and fizzy drinks are bathing children’s teeth in sugars and acid. The enamel of the teeth is vulnerable to acids, as it weakens the structure. Any food with a sour or tart flavour typically contains acid. This makes the teeth more likely to get cavities, as the bacteria feeds on the sugars eaten.

The problem is so widespread in the UK that about a quarter of five-year-olds have tooth decay. In some cases, the teeth are so decayed that they have to be extracted. The premature removal of a primary tooth increases the risk of misaligned teeth and jaws, as there are no placeholders to prevent crowding.

Parents Advised to Cut Sugar in Children’s Diet

PHE urges parents to cut back on the sugar in their children’s diet. They have to be more prudent in monitoring their child’s sugar consumption by providing better alternatives. Swap ice cream for yoghurt or replace fizzy drinks and fruit juices with sugar-free alternatives.

Children are eating too many calories and are ruining their teeth in the process. Tooth decay among toddlers is especially prevalent, and it is up to the parents to make sure children are eating healthily.

Parents must watch their children’s snacking habits. Even if the child asks for sugary snacks, parents must be firm with them. Children should eat less of the stuff to avoid the onset of dental cavities.