Boxing: The Proper Way to Hide Boiler and Radiator Pipes

Steel PipesThere are many different methods and systems for encasing pipes. But when heat is involved, boxing proves to be the most preferred option for concealing pipework. Heat pipes allow thermal energy to move efficiently across different areas in your home or facility.

Boxing not only conceals the pipes for safety and aesthetic reasons, but it also insulates them and keeps them from freezing and bursting during winter. To properly install boxing, here are some primary considerations:


Plywood and aluminum are two popular options for both boiler and radiator pipe boxing. Plywood boxing profiles come with either hard-wearing melamine surface or laminate to keep moisture at bay. Aluminum boxing works best for external applications and industrial facilities. In some cases, the boxing material will require another layer of coating for full protection, especially for wet areas, such as bathrooms.


Both plywood and aluminium boxing come in two configurations: the L- and U-shaped. For complex pipe work, either one may be used. But, it’s important to consider the dimensions and thickness of the boxing to ensure that the pipes are well protected. To determine which configuration is best for your pipe work, you will need to consult an experienced contractor or supplier.


Much of the pipe work in homes and commercial buildings are either fitted into the floorboards or lofts of each room. A proper survey will tell you which materials and tools you will need to complete the project. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to find obstructions and structural issues that you may need to first address before boxing the pipes.


More often than not, pre-made casings don’t last as long as the ones customized to the building’s specific requirements. While made-to-order products are generally more expensive, they’re worth the investment. Choose a manufacturer that provides turnkey solutions for pipe boxing in the UK, from the surveying and manufacturing, down to installing the boxing.

Exposed boiler and radiator pipes are not only unsightly, they also pose health and safety hazards. Boxing is pretty much a simple and inexpensive way to conceal and protect the pipes from damage, but not doing it properly may only lead to problems, in the future.

3 Reasons Vertical Transportation Maintenance is Crucial

It doesn’t matter how majestic a building is if it’s vertical transportation leaves so An Elevator Bank little to be desired. Elevators and escalators are the unspoken true heroes of great buildings. They don’t simply provide people with a means of getting from one floor to another; they provide ease of access that proves to be beneficial in keeping the building relevant.

Here are more reasons why vertical transportation is crucial to every building and skyscraper:

  1. Reliability

A well-maintained escalator and elevator provide a sense of reliability to everyone who works or visits the building. For instance, if the lifts at the Empire State Building is not fast and reliable, many businesses and tours will suffer because of the delays. Vertrans Lift Surveys & Certification Ltd explains that this is only among the reasons it’s ideal to have a vertical transportation engineer on call to provide speedy assistance, especially during emergencies.

  1. Safety

Not only majestic buildings benefit from a well-maintained vertical transportation. The ones at malls go through wear and tear due to high foot traffic every day. It's important to maintain escalators in malls since kids are highly prone to accidents and trips. In fact, nearly 2,000 children are injured every year on escalators and most of them are below the age of five.

  1. Protection

You are liable to pay for damages for accidents linked to faulty vertical transportation on your property. These could lead to high medical costs and even lawsuits and class actions. Make sure your in-house transportation goes through regular checks and maintenance to limit the risk of accidents and injuries.

Well-maintained escalators and elevators add to the overall safety of your building. These include lifts used in the backend activities such as the delivery of goods and transportation of maintenance tools. Make sure you follow proper protocol on routine checks to limit the risks involved in faulty vertical transportation.

Why are Drinking Fountains Slowly Disappearing from America’s Public Spaces?

Fresh waterDrinking fountains are a great public service. They provide clean drinking water to schools, parks, playgrounds, and even offices. Unlike bottled waters, moreover, you don’t have to pay for it.

Despite their convenience, drinking fountains are slowly disappearing from public spaces, according to researchers. No official authority tracks the number of national public drinking fountains, but your personal experience might give you an idea of the situation. So, why are there less and less drinking fountains in your neighborhood park?

An Old-Fashioned Building Aesthetic

Authors of the 2015 International Plumbing Code reduced the required fountains for buildings by half, a sign that they are going out of style. Nevertheless, some plumbing companies, such as Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical, still offer drinking fountain installation services, so the fixture isn’t about to retire just yet.

Bad Reputation

If you ask your mom or dad, they probably have more positive memories of drinking fountains than you do. The majority of the public now thinks that they are dirty, poorly maintained, and dangerous. The public scrutiny is a result of increased fear among Americans that tap water contains pollutants. They could also contribute to the spread of diseases, so you should exercise caution before using one.

The Rise of Bottled Waters

The public consumption of bottled water is rising every year. The shift in attitude started after Perrier — a European brand for sparkling water — spent $5 million on advertising in 1977. Other brands followed suit and the market for them blew up. Today, Americans are drinking bottled water more than ever.

Budget Cuts

Since Americans are turning to bottled water to quench their thirsts, it is unlikely that they’ll actively be looking for free water from a fountain at the local park. So, when municipal budgets are tight, it is easy to remove the fountains to cut costs.

Free drinking water through fountains used to be a common sight in public areas. Because of changes in the public perspective, however, it looks like they might be going the way of the dodo.

Forex Chart Behind a Trader

4 Economic Factors That Influence the Forex Market

Forex Chart Behind a TraderA nation’s economy and the foreign exchange market go hand in hand. A success or a failure between these elements can affect both their standing and productivity. Here are the economic factors that affect the foreign exchange market:

Political Conditions

The political status of a nation plays a major role in the economic outlook of a country, affecting the overall value of its currency. An upcoming election, for example, plays a major event for currency markets as exchange rates react more favourably to parties willing to pursue economic growth. Forex traders are always on the lookout when it comes to political news as government decisions greatly affect the economy and the Forex market.

International Trade

Another economic factor that affects the Forex market is the balance of trade between nations. If the demand for a country’s goods and services is high, an appreciation for its currency is most likely. For example, if the demand for Singaporean food is off the ceiling, buyers from the United States must convert their dollars in a Forex trading in Singapore to make a purchase. This deal will put an upward pressure on Singapore’s currency.

Market Inflation

Inflation or the increasing and decreasing of prices of goods affect the Forex market, as it dictates the current value of a country’s currency. There are several variations of inflation — deflation or the general level of falling prices, hyperinflation or an unusual rapid inflation, and stagflation or the combination of high unemployment and economic stagnation. Apart from the increasing or decreasing of pricing levels, inflation indicates purchasing power.

Employment Data

A nation’s employment rate plays a huge factor in the Forex market, as well. Poor unemployment figures, for example, can weaken a country’s currency since other nations won’t invest much in that country unlike before. However, if a country has high productivity and competitiveness, this will reduce unemployment, increase the demand for exports, and strengthen the exchange rate.

As a nation progresses, so is its Forex market standing. This is one of the many reasons why many countries work hard for a productive and progressive economy.

4 Simple Ways to Add Some Glamour to Your Home’s Exterior

Kitchen and living room design When it comes to upgrading your home’s exteriors, it does not always mean you need to remodel from the ground up. There are modifications you can make on a budget to make your home look more aesthetically pleasing. Here are some suggestions you can try:

1. Upgrade your driveways.

A paved driveway is one of the most beautiful exterior home upgrades you can make. A paved driveway comes with extremely durable stones that can handle the weight of your vehicle efficiently. As such, you do not need to worry about cracks or damages for years. Paving stones come in various patterns, so you can choose one that best suits your preferences. Moreover, Oakleigh Manor and other experts in design recommend keeping in touch with professionals to get started the right way.

2. Add some exterior crown moulding.

These simple trims can add glamour to your home’s exterior. They are elegant, timeless and can transform your home’s look even on a budget. If you are not keen on adding crown mouldings or pediments throughout your property, start with your front door and decide from there.

3. Add stone columns to your front porch.

If you are going for a rustic appeal, adding a fake stone column to your front porch can do the trick. This trick is especially useful for columns that are way too thin. You can get a contractor for this or if you have the tools and the materials, you can do it yourself and save some dough.

4. Change your front door’s colour.

By painting your front door with a new colour, it can change your home’s look and vibe completely. If you have the budget, you can get a totally new door that comes in the colour that you already like or you can do it yourself.

Giving your home an upgrade does not always require a huge budget or even a long project time. Consider these things if you want to add some glamour to your home’s exterior.

4 Ways to Help Make Your Construction Business More Profitable

People at a Construction SiteEvery successful contractor is always trying to find a way to make more profit. Even if your profit strategy is already succeeding, there are still ways to make even more money.

Take a look at these four proven tips:

Update Your Equipment

The quality of work you deliver will greatly depend on the kind of equipment you use on the job. Keep yourself informed on the latest equipment and invest in them to boost efficiency and increase profitability. For instance, the right abrasive blasting equipment from Syntech or other suppliers can help in quickly and efficiently removing old paint and preparing surfaces before painting them. Besides tools and machinery, update your office supplies and computer software, as well.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Build your business around customer satisfaction and you will always have more business coming your way. Keep your promises to clients. One of the simplest ways to get new clients is through referrals from happy ones. Develop a great reputation by always sticking to deadlines and delivering quality work.

Give Back to the Community

Be a part of the affairs of the community surrounding you. Support a local charity or sponsor a competition to promote local talent. The goal is to develop and maintain a positive image. Once people in your community start talking about you, you will be well positioned to land a contract in case a construction project comes up.

Keep Educating Yourself

To stand out from the crowd, you must continuously strive to improve. Increase your proficiency by learning new skills. Equip yourself with information about emerging trends in the construction industry.  Do the same for your employees, too. You want your company to stay on the cutting edge.

Succeeding in the construction industry requires strategic thinking. Once you identify and improve on the most critical areas of your business, you can start to notice remarkable growth in your bank balance.

Construction Requirements in Northland

A view of a city located in New Zealand Northland in New Zealand continues to remain bullish in its economic outlook, being aggressive with its tourism and domestic migration. Many prefer to live here due to its warmer climate and amazing scenery. For these reasons, construction continues to be one of the strongest industries here.

If you want to build a commercial building in Northland though, you need to abide by the rules. To help you get started, here’s your brief guide.

1. Contractors

You need to work with licenced contractors that have the machinery and staff to perform labour. For example, when it comes to earth moving, you should choose an excavator rental service that has all the safety tools and measures that guarantee the security of the employee and the protection of the environment.

Earth moving and excavation can have a significant effect or change to the land or soil, so you should be familiar with certain protections set by the government. Talk to the local council before you start digging.

2. Consents

Depending on the project you’re doing, you need a building and resource consent. You have to apply for the building consent, which will determine whether your plan is safe and in accordance with the provisions of the Building Act 2004.

Not all buildings may require this consent, but if your building needs one, get it before you start construction. Otherwise, you may receive a fine and find it difficult to insure your property.

On the other hand, all buildings will need a resource consent, which is about environment management and sustainability. The application process requires you to meet certain requirements set by the government.

3. Actual Construction

Local councils can have very strict rules on the construction process including the height of the building, easement, and noise. Construction may be limited at certain times usually when most people are out. Know these schedules to avoid paying a fine.

The process of building in Northland may be time-consuming, but always remember, it’s for everybody’s good. You will benefit from a sound, safe establishment that contributes greatly to the region’s economy.

Electricity Guzzlers in Indiana: Which Uses Electricity the Most and What You Can Do About It

Electricity BillThere’s good news and better news when it comes to electricity costs in Indiana. At 10 cents per kilowatt hour, the state has one of the lowest electricity costs in the country. The better news is you can pay even less by being more knowledgeable on appliances that use the most power and proactive toward bringing the costs down.

Hot and Cold

Based on the data provided by Spark Energy, most of the top users of electricity are those that require or are related to heating and conditioning. Earning the first place is air conditioners, which can cost you $1.50 per hour or roughly $10 a day. Water heaters, water pumps, space heaters, and hair dryers follow A/Cs and make up the five highest energy consumers among your appliances.

More than Your Appliances

Note, though, many factors can affect how much you pay in the end. One is your frequency of use. If you turn on the A/C for more than 10 hours a day, then expect to pay more than your neighbor with the same unit.

Your appliance choice also matters. Experts suggest investing on those with high energy star ratings. Although they tend to be more expensive, you save money in the long run since they consume less power.

Some people also think they need to buy a new appliance after five years. Consider this if your warranty no longer covers the unit, and it is already under performing. Every household, though, can benefit from regular maintenance such as air conditioning services in Indiana.

Specialists can detect potential or existing problems that result in higher electricity costs, as well as perform the necessary repairs. Moreover, they can give you practical tips on how to maximize your unit without spending more and when it is time to buy a new one.

Let your appliances be tools that keep on giving. Take a proactive approach toward lowering your energy costs today.

Business on Four Wheels: Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Business

Trucks lined up
In some businesses, transportation is a necessity. Having a set of compact cars at your disposal will help your sales team travel more efficiently while an entire fleet of trucks will ensure that whatever you’re transporting will get to its destination safely and on time. Since vehicles are a valuable commercial asset, Commerce Truck & Equipment Sales, a provider of high-quality and commercial trucks, emphasizes taking the right factors into consideration to make a more informed business-vehicle decision.

Consider Transportation Needs

Narrow down your vehicle options by identifying what you’ll be transporting in your business. If you need massive storage space for large equipment and a variety of tools ready on the go, then a pick-up truck or a van would best suit your needs. If your industry only requires getting clients from one place to another, then a subcompact car would be a more practical choice.

Fuel Efficiency and User-Friendliness

Estimate how often the vehicle will be used and how many miles it will be driven annually. Furthermore, consider the types of trips required for your business: are they short ones around the metro with a lot of traffic or long drives on rural roads? Anticipating frequent use and lengthy travel will help you focus on fuel efficiency. Moreover, you may want to consider who will be operating your company car — make the most out of a vehicle shared by multiple drivers by choosing one they can operate easily.

A Vehicle that Reflects Your Corporate Values

In the business sector, it’s more than just about providing goods and services. A real company stands out by making the right impression right from the start. If your customers will see your vehicle, then use your vehicle to communicate the corporate values you hold dear to your customers. The look of your cargo van or flatbed truck, after all, can say a lot about how reliable your company is.

Meeting your transportation needs is essential if you want your business to thrive. Making the right vehicle choice depends not on the option of putting the least financial stress on a business, since business needs, the frequency of use, and corporate values all have their part to play in the decision-making process.

A Chiropractor Pediatric Lakeville Offers Subluxation

A chiropractor doing a session with their patientThe practice of chiropractic has been around for quite some time. It is based on the belief that most medical conditions come about because the spine and its corresponding nervous system is not in correct alignment. That said, one of the common conditions that a chiropractor has to deal with is what is known as subluxation.

Signs and Symptoms of Subluxation

Chiropractors have a broad definition of subluxation. In general, however, subluxation comes about as a result of subjecting the spine to significant external force. In an adult body, this could be in the form of falling the stairs, slipping on something, or during contact sports. In the case of a child, however, this could be in any form as a child’s spine tends to be softer than an adult’s.

A person who is suffering from vertebral subluxation typically experiences soreness of the back as well as stiffness of the neck area. In some cases, the mobility of the person may be significantly reduced with the extremities suffering from a tingling sensation or some numbness. In a child, the presence of balance problem is enough to warrant a visit to a pediatric chiropractor in Lakeville.

Dealing with Subluxation

Depending on the type of subluxation, treatment methods being offered by a chiropractor typically involve the application of pressure as well as the manipulation of joints to put it back to its former alignment. This is the same procedure done in a child; the main difference between the two, however, is that a chiropractor pediatric Lakeville professional is more likely to apply lesser pressure on a child as opposed to his counterpart. In some cases, he might have the child retain a particular position for a specific period to allow the bones to settle on their own.

If your child is having such problems or experiencing discomfort in his back, visit a pediatric chiropractor immediately for a consultation.