3 Holiday Décor and Gift Ideas You Can Do

Gift WrappersChristmas is almost here and it’s a great holiday to start small, inexpensive traditions. Here are three simple, printing projects you can do at home to make the holiday even more meaningful and festive:

Personalised Gift Wrappers

Sure, it’s the thought that counts and wrappers are meant for tearing. But there’s something about sitting by the fireplace and wrapping presents while you drink eggnog and listen to Christmas tunes. There are many ways to spruce up your gifts this year and one of them is having your own personalised gift wrappers. 

It could be as simple as jazzing up craft paper with some roller stamps or designing your own gift wrappers using Photoshop. recommends working with a commercial printing company to make your designs come to life, including personalised gift tags.

Custom Print Candles For Your Table

One of the joys of the holiday is to design your long table for family dinners and gatherings. This year upgrade your Martha Stewart skills and make your holiday décor shine. If you have some large candles handy, you can create some custom print candles

You can cut a page from a book and transfer the print onto the candles using a hair dryer. It’s simple, easy, inexpensive and best of all, a showstopper. You can play with other designs you can find on the web. If you don’t have a printer at home, you can swing by a printing company and make several copies, each design meant for different holidays.

Printed Holidays Cards

Your local bookstore and stationery company has a wide variety of Instagram-worthy holiday cards you can give to family and friends. There are various holiday postcards, too. But there is something about sending your own personalised holiday cards and writing a quick greeting or a lengthy note inside. 

If you’ve always wanted to do this, Christmas is a great holiday to start a new tradition. If you’re good a painting, you can create watercolour Christmas cards. You can find inspiration on the web or edit royalty-free ones. You can print these at home or head to your printing vendor to have them printed and get some envelopes, too.

These DIY projects are easy, simple and inexpensive. It can also help you wind down and manage the holiday stress that often gets people riled up during this time of year. Happy DIY-ing!

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