3 Rules to Make Pools Safer for Kids

children in swimming poolDo you know that from 2005 to 2014, there were over 3,500 fatal and unintentional drownings that happened per year in the US? That’s why if you have pools at home, it’s a must to install safety features such as pool fence DIY and covers. And if you have kids, it’s vital that you teach them basic swimming lessons but also safety rules.

Here are three swimming pool rules you should teach your children. Keep them in mind and update if necessary.

Keep glass bottles away from the pool area

Whether it’s a party or a simple outdoor activity for the kids, you should teach them that water glasses are not allowed in or near the pool area. Designed a “no eating/no drinking” zone and make sure that the other kids follow this rule. Slippery hands can lead to broken glasses and if someone steps on them, it can lead to a trip to the hospital.

No running in the pool area

It doesn’t matter how much fun they are having. You should make sure that everyone follows this rule, including the adults. Wet feet can easily slip on the concrete and tiles when running and can lead to fatal accidents. And always keep an eye on the type of games your children play when in the pool or near the waters.

No phones in the pool

There are many gadgets today that allow kids and even grownups to bring their phones with them in the pool. As much fun as it is to take underwater photos, it’s not always nice to have your phone with you. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t bring your smartphones to a swimming meetup. You can, just leave them on the bench, locker, or table somewhere. If you want to take underwater photos, designate the task to one person only.

Safety in the Waters

Keep these safety rules in mind to help protect your kids and your entire family from fatal water accidents. And make sure that your kids are supervised all the time in and out of the waters.

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