3 Savvy PPC Decisions for Small Businesses

Pay Per Click Online advertising through pay-per-click (PPC) gives small brands a chance to compete in the market. It’s especially useful for small businesses that can’t afford to spend on traditional advertising like with bigger competitors.

Small-scale companies may end up with weak marketing, though, since they often don’t have the budget and resources to execute an effective PPC campaign. iNovate Marketing, Inc. understands the importance of a substantial marketing campaign and aims to help clients make the transition. If you’re not sure where to start though, here are some ways you can use PPC to boost your business.

Choosing Better Keywords

Online users start their search through keywords. Knowing the specific keywords relevant to your website is not enough, though. It’s also vital to know your target audience’s intent.

If you’re selling Canon cameras, for example, you don’t simply target the keywords “Canon cameras.” Instead, go for keywords like “buy Canon cameras” or “Canon cameras for sale” since these searchers would have a higher intent to purchase.

More Attractive Ad Copies

Even if you correctly set up your keywords, your target audience will not click on your ads if your copies are boring and unattractive. Tap into your unique selling points and use it for your ad copies. For instance, you can highlight your company’s low prices or extensive product inventory.

You can also look into your competitors’ ads and try to offer a better deal.

Specific Landing Pages

If your ad promotes a specific camera brand, you’re setting up your audience’s expectation that the landing page will sell them that camera brand. So, if you lead them to your homepage instead of the page that they’re looking for, though, they’ll probably just visit another website. This will lead to fewer conversions and lower quality score on Google. So, set aside time to plan your ad copies and linked pages to make sure you integrate them properly.

Small businesses may face certain drawbacks with their PPC campaigns because of the limits to their resources. With a better understanding of how such a strategy works, your plan has a better chance at succeeding. If you think planning a strategy is way over your head, though, you can always hire a professional to help you out.

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