3 Things Your Customers Want to See on Your Website

Man checks computerBased on a report commissioned by GoDaddy, a popular domain host, small businesses in the UK have yet to move forward in the digital era. Many of the companies surveyed said that they do not feel the need to have a website.

Developing a website, however, is an investment. This means you need to spend initially to generate leads that will reach a wider audience. If you are planning to make that big step this year, here are some things customers want to see. Make sure you have these. If not, call your web design services company in Bromley and make some changes soon:

Your List of Products and Services

You may not believe it, but many small business websites do not have a list of their products and/or services posted online. Developing your site is only the starting line; you need to maintain it properly.

If your website does not have a complete list of your offerings, what do you expect your visitors to read? Chances are they will head to a competitor because they are more clear about what they offer. You do not have to show a long description. Keep it short and make sure you cover the basics.

Where You Are, How to Contact You

Inform how your clients can contact you. You would be surprised to know that many company websites do not have the complete information of their contact details. It is not enough to add a trunk line or a direct line in the Contact Us page. Add your business address, your mobile numbers (if any), your e-mail address, and your social media pages. You may also include a Google Map of your physical office.

Your Special, Seasonal Offers

If you have seasonal or special offers and discounts, make sure you have a link flashed on the homepage and specific landing pages. Make it worth their while by giving special offers, even if it is only for a trial period or a coupon they can use. Remember, your website is an extension of your physical office. Roll out promotions and see how easy it is to generate leads online.

Now that you know what your customers want to see on your website, do check if you already have them or not. If you need to make changes, do it soon so you do not end up passing up on the chance to make sales and generate leads every day.


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