3 Ways to Get Artsy with Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wrap installationHave you come across a car that seemed like it was painted like a wall mural? Chances are they’re not actually painted, but covered with a vinyl wrap. Vinyl wraps are covers with graphics drawn on them that can be put on surfaces of vehicles. These can be put on walls and boats, as well.

Whether you’re in Houston or Dallas, car wraps, boat wraps, and wall murals can enliven your daily activities. Here are some things to know about how vinyl wraps work:

Car Wraps

Vinyl wraps on cars are dependent on the desired graphics of the customer. This could be as simple as having a single color, like red or green, wrapped on the car. Some may prefer more detailed art, such as those with symbols or words on it. You can use vinyl wraps for a food truck’s logo and menu, for delivery trucks and their hotline numbers, and many more.

Boat Wraps

Even boats can benefit from graphics made through vinyl wraps. The material for boats and jet skis are designed to withstand constant water exposure, and they work the same way as car wraps.

Wall Murals

Offices who need their company logos or brand decorated on the walls can commission a vinyl wrap company to create a wall mural for them. The graphics to be installed could range from a set of words like company slogans and policies to one with pictures of the company and their clients. Depending on your preferences, the design could run from serious to whimsical.

As you can put pictures and words on vinyl wraps, both land and water vehicles can be used as an advertising tool because wherever they go, onlookers will be exposed to whatever design is on them.

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