3 Ways to Upgrade Your Office Holiday Events This Year

Holiday Office Party

Holiday Office PartyIt’s the most wonderful time of the year to fill the office with good cheer. You might be starting to fill your list with awesome activities and parties here and there. But you don’t have to settle for the same old holiday displays over and over.

Here are some cool office and municipal holiday decorations and party ideas you can pull off this year:

Designate a Specific Holiday DéCor for Each Department

A little competition won’t hurt to raise the holiday spirit. Forget the garlands and ho-hum holiday lights. Designate a specific holiday décor for each department. For instance, the marketing department could be in charge of the snowman theme while the sales department can focus on candy canes.

The sky’s the limit. Now watch the competitive spirits rise up. To make things more interesting, the winner of the best holiday décor award can get a free pizza every Friday for the whole month! How cool is that?

Plan the Best Office Christmas Party Ever

Of course, you don’t have to pull a similar stunt like the 2016 movie, Office Christmas Party. You don’t want to get anyone fired or break any office property. But planning the best office Christmas party requires teamwork and insights from various departments. You can start by creating a poll about the party theme. Should you stage a holiday costume party or stick to the elegant soirees? The majority’s opinion wins.

Create Mini Holiday Events Before the Big Office Party

It’s nice to have small events or alternative activities lined up before the big office party. But you don’t have to settle for the usual Secret Santa game, unless, of course, your employees want to have one. Why not have a holiday cookie bake-off event at the office. Folks can bring their homemade holiday cookies and everyone can choose their favorites from the basket. Best of all, there will be free Christmas cookies!

It’s never too early to prepare for the Yuletide season. It’s time to get crafty. Christmas is the perfect time to get creative without going over your budget. Make it a great one this year using these simple but exciting tips.

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