4 Ways to Increase Patient Satisfaction and Gain Their Loyalty

Satisfied Patient

Satisfied PatientEvery healthcare center has an economic aspect — there is no getting past this fact. Like any other business, it makes sense to work on how to increase profitability. However, since they don’t serve regular customers, healthcare centers are unlike other businesses. In the healthcare industry, customers are patients who need more than just great service. So as a hospital, how do you earn your patients’ loyalty? Read on to find out.

1. Understanding the patients “What” forms the foundation of a great patient experience in understanding who your patients are and what their needs entail. Much of this understanding comes from having a therapeutic relationship with your patients.

If you have contacted a customer service center before, you’re probably familiar with the polite but often detached messages. And this is from the better customer service centers out there. When dealing with patients, you can’t afford to take this approach. Patients want to feel connected and understood.

To understand your patients’ dynamics, conduct regular surveys where they can record their feelings about their experience in your hospital. Analyze the findings and make changes in your customer service where needed.

2. Go smart to reduce the queues. Long waiting lines, besides driving people crazy with anxiety, cause congestion. Currently, for any organization to thrive, adapting solutions that speed-up processes is critical. Implement technology such as electronic medical billing systems like Raintree Systems to help speed up payments.

3. Train your employees on how to handle patients. Every one of your employees, from billing clerks to receptionists (and others), need to know that customer care should be their number one priority. Remember, happy employees give better services so make sure you first deal with employee morale and satisfaction before turning attention to giving better service to your patients.

4. Make it easy for your patients to distinguish nurses from assistants to those delivering their meals by introducing unique (colors) uniforms for the various departments. Uniforms depict organization, solidarity, and oneness — and patients can pick-up these hints subconsciously.

Nowadays, Patients have many options when choosing healthcare providers. To stand out in competition, your services must go beyond the physician expertise and include customer satisfaction among the key goals.

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