5 Good Reasons to Return Grass Clippings to the Lawn

Mowing LawnMowing is a necessary lawn management practice. But, what should you do with the grass clippings from your lawn?

Lawn management experts recommend returning or mulching grass clippings whenever possible. Here are some good reasons you should take that advice about recycling your cuttings:

Grass Clippings Bring Back Nutrients to Your Lawn

Cuttings can be a valuable source of organic matter and nutrients. These clippings, for instance, return nitrogen to the soil. Utah lawn fertilization experts such as Greenside Landscaping agree that returning the grass to the turf can reduce yearly nitrogen applications.

Grasscycling Turns Lawns Into a Carbon Sink

According to NASA, a lawn can be a carbon sink. The U.S. lawn area can “store up to 16.7 teragrams of carbon,” per year if we all leave clippings to rot in the lawn. Conversely, taking grass clippings to decompose in a landfill increases the production of greenhouse gases.

Recycling Grass Clippings Saves Money

According to research, clippings removal leads to use of more synthetic nitrogen fertilizer. If you remove clippings, you’ll use more fertilizer to maintain the same density and color as in areas where you return clippings.

Recycling Clippings Reduces Pressure on Landfills

Many municipalities now encourage people to let clippings decompose on the lawns. Reduced landfill availability has even led to the banning of lawn waste in landfills in some places.

Clippings Don’t Contribute to Thatch Buildup

Lawn owners often don’t recycle clippings because they are concerned about thatch problems. Contrary to this popular opinion, clippings or grass cuttings don’t have to contribute to thatch accumulation.
Just maintain your turf at its recommended mowing height. Also, never remove more than a third of your grass leaf surface at a single mowing. Frequent mowings can also help prevent residue buildup.

You should consider returning or mulching the grass clippings from your lawn. These clippings can benefit your garden or yard. You can also save money and reduce your carbon footprint if you let the clippings decompose on the yard.

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