5 Ways to Decorate a Manly Office Cubicle

An office cubiclePreference matters and this cliché may resonate more with men than women. As such, the struggle of decorating an office cubicle with the male occupant in mind is so real that managers and the male employees themselves often choose the minimalist route.

It may be because they prefer a minimalist table or they don’t have an idea what should go into the desk. Below are some ways to decorate a manly office cubicle.

Choose sleek and modern furniture

The furniture can make or break the overall look of an office cubicle. To achieve a timeless look, opt for contemporary pieces, such as an aviator desk that mimics the bent wing of a fighter plane. Urban95 agrees that this type of furniture could be ideal for a hobbyist.

Put black and blue

These are considered manly colors, along with gray and silver. Design a masculine office with these colors in mind. Avoid too much red or yellow, though, as the combination of anything black or blue and vividly colored items may be too overwhelming for the onlookers.

Include leather

This doesn’t necessarily mean your chair. A leather-covered planner or notebook will do, as well as a leather mouse pad, a leather phone case or a leather photo frame. Just make sure the leather is genuine because a fake one can be easily spotted even from afar. Pair the notebook with a classic steel ballpoint pen.

Place an organizer

This can keep office supplies, especially the tiny ones such as pushpins and sticky notes, in the right place. Put personal care items on a separate organizer inside the drawer.

Add modern gadgets

A block clock, letterpress calendar, or desk lamp is a good addition to a masculine office cubicle. Modern does not have to be digital, but innovatively designed decorations that give your table a sleek look.

You must understand that the cubicle says a lot about you. Decorate it with your passion in mind so there won’t be a dull moment at work.

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