6 Amateur Web Design Features to Avoid at All Costs

Amateur Web Design Features to AvoidNo website is perfect; even experienced designers learn from their mistakes every day. A poorly designed website affects your usability and the overall success of your website. Some of these mistakes are easily avoidable. Notable web design companies offer custom solutions to ensure that you have a design that best meets your needs and that of your clients.

Perth Web Design shares some design features to stay away from.

Overuse of flash

Flash allows you to include amazing features to your site. Nonetheless, a lot of people add too many and this reduces the load time. Remember that no one will wait for minutes for your site to load until the end.

Typographical errors

This may sound simple, but nothing looks worse than having spelling mistakes and poor grammar. Having different types of fonts only confuses your user. Having text in the same size and variants is recommended to provide your visitors with a better user experience.

Browser incompatibility

Internet explorer used to be the most popular browser. However, most people use Firefox, Chrome, and Safari to access websites. Be sure to check if your site is compatible with the different available browsers.


Pop-ups can be a distraction when one is looking for some important information. Having a message pop up inviting visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or get a free e-book looks spammy and drives traffic away from your site.

Animated GIFs

Avoid animated GIFs as your content may end up looking tacky and unprofessional.

HTML tables

Previously, HTML tables were used to create layouts. However, the introduction of CSS has made it obsolete. CSS has more features; it’s more reliable and fast.

These are just some of the mistakes most people make unknowingly. Get in touch with a Perth web design expert to make sure that you get value for your money.

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