A Guide to Automobile Suspension: Three Common Types

Auto Suspensions Service

Auto Suspensions ServiceIn a car, the suspension system will connect the wheels and the vehicle. It is responsible for how comfortable it is inside a car, how its brakes feel and how it drives on the road. Usually, the suspension of the vehicle differs by car model.

While auto mechanics understand each suspension system and how it differs from the rest, they also recognize the features that transcend type. You will often hear talk of dampers, links, springs and wishbones, and the language can be overwhelming.

The moment you find out that your car has any of the following suspension systems, at least you will know what your mechanic is referring to:

The MacPherson Strut

This suspension has a coil spring placed above the shock-absorber unit. This design translates to a lightweight and simple-to-understand model. The MacPherson strut also has few components meaning that it takes up little space. The suspension system works best for small cars.

Air suspension

As the name suggests, air suspension uses air compressors controlled by springs that also have electronics with self-leveling features. This suspension system has been gaining popularity, especially with luxury and sports cars.

A car with this system absorbs bumps easily, making it comfortable even under high speed. The system is also adjustable so that it adapts to the road it is currently in.

Leaf spring

A leaf spring suspension has a design almost as simple as the MacPherson strut. However, it has many metal strips that are curved and clamped together.

Due to the metal layering, this design is durable, and cars can withstand mountainous and rocky roads over an extended period. Additionally, the simplicity of the design allows for a smooth full-system overhaul.

If you have read car reviews, you have likely noticed they mention the suspension regularly. While it might not be easy to follow through the jargon, make a note of what they say about your car and ask your mechanic about it.

You will find that there is a lot you can do to maintain your vehicle based on a little knowledge as to its suspension type.

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