A Smooth, Comfortable Move for Pets

man and woman unpacking from boxes, dog in foregroundEverything about moving is challenging. Imagine how anxious your pets feel when moving, considering how stressful it is for humans. In fact, the process of adapting to the new environment is already exhausting for them. Therefore, these tips from moving companies in Irvine CA can make the transition smooth and protect your pets from anxiety.

Prepare an Overnight Kit and Contact the Vet

You need to prepare an easily-accessible kit that has toys, enough food, grooming tools, and kitty litter. The kit should contain everything your pet needs to have a comfortable journey and during the first few unpacking days.

You also need to contact the vet if you’re relocating to a different location so you can get prescriptions and medical records. Ask the vet to recommend another vet in your new location.

Update their Tags

The other important thing to do to ensure a safe transition for your pets is to update their tags even before you think of picking up the first container.

Make sure you include your current phone number because your pets might escape as you pack and unpack. It makes it easy to identify the pets when they escape.

Set Out a Carrier or Crate In Advance

Also, your small dog or cat will require a carrier as you relocate. However, that will be challenging if the pets are new to such enclosures.

Set out the crates or carriers in advance. Allowing the pets to sniff them is paramount because they’ll feel secure and safe. In fact, you can fill the crates and carriers with their favorite toys.

Seclude the Pets

Lastly, once arriving at your new location, move all other items before relocating your pet. In fact, you can first arrange one room then move the pet there. It gives your pet time to familiarize with the new location. Importantly, you should make your pet feel comfortable.

Careful planning and following these guidelines will reduce relocation hurdles. Besides, moving companies in Irvine CA offer a checklist of what to do when relocating with your pet. After all, pets, just like people, fear to adjust to new environments.

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