Accident Towing: The Process and Your Consumer Rights

Towing Service in Pinkenba

Towing Service in PinkenbaDo you know what to do in case of a traffic crash? First, you have to ensure you are safe and away from traffic. Second, check yourself for injuries, and then see if anyone else is hurt. If people are hurt, call Triple Zero (000) for emergency services, and help injured persons, when possible. And third, call police when the incident requires their presence.

24/7 Services

If the traffic incident doesn’t require police, you can proceed with the next step: getting a tow truck. Now, towing is available 24/7 from service providers. These services are ready to clear crash sites of vehicles of any size. The right towing service can move cars, trucks and heavy duty commercial vehicles. A service specialising in accident towing will also move crashed vehicles in muddy terrain and other challenging conditions.

Written Agreement

You need to sign a document called the towing authority before the service tows your car. The towing authority serves as an agreement between you and the tow truck driver. It provides details of the service, such as fees and destination.

If you don’t agree with the fees or the destination of your car, you don’t have to sign the document. The tow truck service cannot force you to agree to it either. When you cannot sign the document due to injury, you can authorise a police officer to sign it in your stead.

Costs of the Tow

For the destination of your tow, you can ask the tow truck to bring you and your vehicle to wherever you want. The maximum costs of a standard tow are $337.15, for the first 50km. For each kilometre over 50km, you get a charge of $6.70.

Standard tow means an hour of working time at the accident scene, the transportation of your vehicle to its destination, and 72 hours of storage in a holding yard.

Accidents are unfortunate. But knowing how to proceed after the incident can minimise its impact. With these guidelines, you now know how the towing process works, and you can protect your rights as a consumer.

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