Adding More Space to Your Tiny Bathroom

A modern bathroom designSmall bathrooms may seem hopeless regarding remodeling projects, but you can maximize the space to allow for a stunning bathroom remodel. Take a look below to learn pointers based on advice from architects and designers. You could then turn your small bathroom into a space of luxury and comfort.

Clear up the counter top

Experts from Ogden guarantee that you could still choose beautiful counter tops for your home’s bathroom. You will have to clear it of items to maximize space, however.

To free up surfaces, you can make use of integrated hardware such as strategic lighting and wall-mounted faucets. You could even have shallow shelving for extra space for soaps, shampoos, and even plants or succulents.

Use the vertical space

Vertical space may be the most neglected space in small areas. You can make use of that, however, in your small bathroom remodel. You can add wall-hung toilets, sinks, and shelves to free up as much space as possible on the ground level. Wall fixtures also make your bathroom easier to clean.

Install a flat mirror

In conjunction with the clear countertops, you can opt for flat mirrors instead of the usual medicine cabinet. You free up vertical space this way. At the same time, you can install a narrower sink for even more extra space.

Integrate or separate the shower and toilet

Now, how do you fit in a shower and a toilet? You might want to consider a wet bath where the shower head is above the toilet. In this way, your tiny bathroom can still cater to your needs well.

Otherwise, with a precise layout, you can separate tiny areas for the shower and the toilet, a curtain or glass fixture dividing the two.

Let your mind run wild

Finally, you can successfully remodel a tiny bathroom by simply becoming creative. You may be able to think of ways to strategically use glass, natural light, integrated hardware, colors, and materials that will maximize the space that you have. You can then say goodbye to your old cramped bathroom.

Once the remodel is done, you will finally feel the space.

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