Aspiring to Be a Cosmetologist: What to Expect and How to Be One

A cosmetologist at work

As a cosmetologist, your job is to provide beauty-related services to your clients. Thus, you will need excellent communication skills and customer relations. If you are employed, other skills may be required by your employer.

The Job of a Cosmetologist

Usually, the job begins with a consultation with the client about the kind of look they are aiming for. You may recommend makeup, hairstyling, or other treatment options that you have learned from a Salt Lake City cosmetology school like Collectiv Academy, after observing the condition of the client’s skin, hair, and nails. Once the services to be done are agreed on, the actual work begins.

Depending on the service the client needs, your tasks may include applying scalp or facial treatments, shaping eyebrows, and polishing and manicuring nails. At the end of each working day, you need to clean your area and sanitize your equipment.

Job Requirements

To work as a cosmetologist, you need to obtain a certificate, technical diploma or certificate in cosmetology. You must also have a license to practice as required by all states. Regarding skills, you need to have creativity, physical stamina, attention to details, and time management skills.

Job Outlook

For the next 10 years, demand for cosmetologists, as well as hairstylists and hairdressers, is expected to grow by 10%. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (US BLS), median salary is pegged at $23,660, and a total of 348,010 job positions are held by cosmetologists, hairstylists, and hairdressers as of May 2015.

Work Options

If you are seeking employment, you can work in beauty salons, resorts, day spas, nursing homes, military bases, and shopping malls. If you want to be self-employed, you can rent a small space in a salon. All you will need are your own supplies.

Final Word

There are lots of opportunities for cosmetologists, including those who have just completed a training program. With determination, hard work, and willingness to learn, there is no reason why you will not succeed in your chosen career.

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