Avoid These Common Home Landscaping Mistakes

Colorfully designed lawn with gazebo

The lawn adds value to your home; it beautifies it, adds an aesthetic appeal, provides you with a green space, and it gives you a place to rest. However, it can also detract the overall look of your home if you make some or all of the following landscaping mistakes.

Spaces are Too Small

Some homes, such as those in big cities or apartments, have small spaces for a lawn. These tiny spaces limit their choice of plants, flowers, and ornaments. The size makes it difficult to be creative; some homeowners just put everything they can on a small area. A lawn expert in Salt Lake City notes that if you will put a table with chairs, the bare minimum space required is around 10’ x 10’.

Cluttered Design

Some homeowners make the mistake of putting as many vases, pots, plants, flowers, chairs, tables, and ornaments on their lawn. This results in a cluttered look that distracts and overwhelms; you’ll need to give the garden spaces to breathe. Choose complementary colors for the paint job, pieces of furniture, flowers, and plants. Put complementary pieces together so that they form a cohesive design that adds value.

Lack of an Indoor to Outdoor Connection

You’ll need to create flow in the design of the lawn and the rooms that connect to it. Each room is a visual extension and contributes to the overall design of the exterior and interior. The connection relies on the flow of the textures, styles, and colors of the elements. For example, use a slider or a French door because it allows the eyes to travel through it. Another way to achieve this connection is to use flooring that matches the indoor and outdoor rooms.

These are just some of the common landscaping mistakes that most homeowners make. You may get the help of an expert to correct these. Doing so improves the value and overall aesthetics of your home.

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