Beautiful Swiss Lakes You Can Easily Hike

Woman near a mountain lake

Woman near a mountain lakeThere’s probably no other word to describe Switzerland than “beautiful.” Everywhere you look, you’ll see alpine trees, snow-capped, craggy peaks, and spectacular lakes that have mirror-like waters.

If you’re an outdoorsy traveler, you’ll most likely add hiking in your itinerary. Here are some of the lakes you can easily hike to, according to travel agency Alpenwild.


This mountain lake isn’t just a beautiful attraction but also a hydroelectric reservoir that produces green energy for the country. Gelmersee is accessible by private and public transport and requires only a short walk to reach. Take a leisurely walk around the lake to get different angles of its natural beauty.


This UNESCO-listed site should be a part of your hiking experience. Located in Bernese Oberland, this lake is simply stunning. You can easily reach it by taking the cable car or take on the challenge of going through the hiking trails that vary in difficulty. Once you reach the actual lake, you can do activities such as ice fishing, swimming, and boating depending on the season.

Lac Bleu

This alpine lake is relatively easy to get to through spectacular views. Start at Arolla; the hike isn’t long and quite easy. It may take an hour to an hour and a half depending on your fitness level and how many stops you make to soak in the scenery. Lac Bleu is stunning with its mix of turquoise and blue hues.


You don’t have to sweat too much to reach this stunner of a lake. It takes approximately an hour from the Grindelwald First Gondola to reach Bachalpsee. Most of the crowds only stay for a short while and head to more popular destinations. Avoid them by taking a short hike and see one of the most beautiful lakes in the country.

These are only some of the alpine lakes you can easily hike to during your visit to Switzerland. Include these in your itinerary, if you’re an outdoorsy kind of traveler.

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