Best-loved Appliances in a Kiwi Home

Home Appliance in New ZealandKiwi homeowners are proud of their gadgets and electronic home appliances.

It comes as no surprise, as they are some of the most tech-savvy people. Kiwis love their smart devices and their ovens, stoves and refrigerators. New Zealand is often one of the first countries tech firms choose to launch their new offerings. Big electronics brands such as Samsung have a huge following in the home appliance-loving Kiwis.

They do not seem to have any trouble keeping that love affair, with the number of stores and appliance repair services available in the country. Among the many kinds of kitchen appliances, which ones do Kiwis love the most?

Induction Cooktops

Earlier this year, award-winning designer Mal Corboy named induction cooktops as a hot kitchen appliance in Kiwi homes in an interview with As homeowners are willing to spend more to have a high-end kitchen, they choose innovations to upgrade their cooking arsenal.

Induction cooktops take the top spot among the Kiwi homeowners’ choice of kitchen innovations, making up 60 per cent of appliance store Kitchen Things’ sales at that time. The Kiwis’ openness to induction cooking, which involves direct heating, makes these cooktops a hit in the kitchen. It does not hurt that they are energy efficient as well.


Steam and microwave-combi ovens are also top-selling appliances. Kiwis are becoming more aware of the advantages of cooking with steam, thus making steam ovens a welcome addition to their kitchens. Microwave-combi ovens, on the other hand, allow them to whip up meals faster, which makes them ideal tools for quick dishes.

Wine Cabinets

Often the subject of magazine features, wine cabinets are a fixture in high-end kitchens. They are a symbol of glamorous living (and dining), and Kiwis who are big on kitchen envy want them in their homes. They keep fancy drinks at the ideal drinking temperature and condition, after all.

Kiwi homeowners are fans of kitchen appliances, and these are just a few of the best-loved ones. Which ones do you want in your kitchen?

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