Best Practices for Inventory Storage and Control in a Warehouse

Woman inspecting a warehouse

Woman inspecting a warehouseVarious crucial aspects determine the success of a warehouse, and the most important of these is the storage of the products. When considering how to store items in a warehouse, you should ensure the safety of your employees since there’s a risk of injuries from falling objects and exposure to hazardous items.

Your warehouse safety audit primarily focuses on the personal protective equipment your workers use and the safe storage of your products. Due diligence is, therefore, imperative when selecting your inventory’s storage. Here are some of your options:

Mobile Shelving

This option comprises storage shelves with a fitted traction system mounted on top of the items or built into the floor. You can store closely packed products in mobile shelving more so in cases where easy access isn’t a primary concern. Mobile shelving is the perfect solution for maximising storage space in small areas like retail back stores.

Multi-Tier Racking

This is best suited for warehouses with abundant vertical space. Multi-tier racking systems feature multiple tiers from which you can access your stock manually or using scissor lifts. This storage option is quite dense and ideal for large stock quantities, which have small individual sizes.

Pallet Racking

In this option, your stock is stored in boxes, which are then placed on plastic, wood or metal pallets. Pallet racking is the most prevalent warehouse storage system due to its ease of access and maximum use of space. But you should strictly adhere to the weight and height restriction of your pallet rack to reduce the risk of the boxes toppling over or rack damage.

Before picking what you deem best from the above options, have storage experts assess your warehouse. They can recommend the ideal solution based on your items, warehouse space, and budget. Failure to pick an ideal storage system might leave you with significant losses from spoilt inventory or lawsuits secondary to workplace injuries.

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