Bugs in Your Home? Here’s How to Get Them Out and Keep Them Out

Pest Control PersonnelAnts and aphids are some of Utah’s most common insects, but there are plenty of other insects that invade homes, too. Carpet beetles, earworms, longhorn wood borers, and assassin bugs are also common. If you have bugs in your home, there are ways you can get them out and keep them out.

Hire a company to assist you.

Your best line of defense is to hire a pest control company to assist you in removing bugs from your home. Hire a company that offers bug extermination services in Salt Lake City for best results.

Professionals can rid your home of a bug population and provide helpful ways to keep them out. Many companies also have prevention services to help protect your home against future invasions.

Remove food and water.

Like any living creature, bugs need food and water to survive. If you wish to get bugs out and keep them out, deny them access to food and water.

In other words, make sure you follow a strict regimen when it comes to cleaning your home. Remove food debris and fix any leaks or areas with moisture issues. Moisture and food debris attracts hungry, thirsty bugs into your home.

Seal everything up.

Make sure you seal up your home to prevent bugs from getting in. Your home is a warm haven of safety during fall and winter, but not just for you. Bugs will also seek out the warm shelter of your home.

Many bugs die when the first frost rolls through. To prolong their life, they will seek shelter in your home. Make sure you seal windows, cracks, and gaps with weather stripping and caulk to keep bugs out.

You do not have to concede and share your home with an invasion of bugs. Using the tips listed above, you can take back your home and keep it pest-free

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