Burnside is a Good Choice for House and Land Packages in Melbourne

Buying A House In Burnside

Buying A House In BurnsideLiving in the city is very expensive for most people. In fact, Australian cities are among the most expensive places to live in the world, which is why many choose to live in suburbs. While living in Melbourne is not as expensive as Sydney is, it is still more than most people would like to pay. If you are looking for house and land packages close enough to Melbourne for convenience, but far enough to avoid paying a high price, Burnside may be a good choice.

Here are some reasons Modeina thinks this is so.

Great neighbourhood

Burnside ranks number four among the best suburbs in Greater Melbourne. Residents love it, and one said it makes her ‘feel like I’m on holiday every day’. There are many parks and playgrounds for the kids, and good shops for the adults, and the people are friendly. The old-world feel of the houses, tree-lined streets, and the open spaces make for a serene and relaxed atmosphere.

Great location

Burnside is about 20 minutes away from the airport and the city. It is a 10-minute walk to the larger and busier Caroline Springs Lake and Town Center. Two freeways are within easy access, and there are both bus and train systems available. It is ideal for young professionals and established families that commute to Melbourne. It is also a great place to retire and relax.

Great amenities

Burnside has a good school inside the community, and a large medical facility about one kilometre away. It has a gym, track field, and a good public pool for the sports-minded, and the newly opened Watervale Shopping Center is definitely a plus.

Burnside is one of the newest developments in Victoria, and improvements are ongoing. Despite this, residents already love living there. If you like what you see, you should act quickly. With property prices steadily rising all over Australia, it would be best to snag a house and land package as early as possible.

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