Why Hiring an Expert Decorator is the Best Option

Decoration does not only make your outdoor area beautiful; it likewise shows how beautiful your thoughts and ideas are. It is everyone’s dream to have a beautiful and well-decorated home.

Capital Decorators Ltd discusses some of the advantages that you can get from hiring an expert decorator.

Saves Time

Decorating by yourself is time-consuming, considering the fact that you spend most of your time on work. In addition, you may be lacking the experience so the whole thing will be stressful to you. By hiring a professional decorator, you can save more time and energy because they are experienced and can do the job faster.

Better Resources

Having better resources helps you get better results. Professional decorators know where to get the best tools and resources that are not available to the public. You might not get the desired look if you are the one designing the place because you might not have access to the items used by a decorator.

Saves Money

Professional decorators can get all the things they need for the job at lower prices. They usually have access to wholesale deals and partnerships with suppliers.

Good Quality of Work

Professional decorators have ample experience in the work that they do. They know what will work best and this will help you achieve a better look for your property. You can be sure that you are getting quality service.

Reduces costly mistakes

If you are the only one handling the decoration, you might end up making costly mistakes. Consider hiring a decorator who will help reduce the risk of making errors.

These are just some of the benefits of hiring a decorator. Work only with a company that offers top-notch interior and exterior decoration services.

The Roof is Leaking: 4 Dangers to Worry About

Man fixing a roof leakA roof leak is not one of the many household problems you can overlook. Leaks take place because of different factors, including poor maintenance and storm damage.

Why is roof repair in every Auckland home important even for tiny leaks? A roof problem goes beyond the structure. It can affect the foundation and the major indoor components of a house. This is why the costly damages that follow are not something worth risking. Here are some dangers that arise from roof leaks:

Fire Risks

A leaking roof exposes occupants to serious fire risks as far as electrical connections and electronics are concerned. If an electrical wiring in the ceiling or attic comes into contact with moisture, the worst may happen. Shorted wires in these areas can lead to an uncontrollable fire break out. If you notice leakage in a place with power connections, you may want to switch them off and call a roof repair specialist.

Costly Repairs

As many would (or would not) expect, a weakened roof will demand repairs sooner or later. Delaying repairs only makes the problem worse, leading to even more expensive costs.

Mould and Fungus

As moisture enters your home through leaks, it starts to create and accumulate mould. Breathing mould and fungus for a prolonged period can be devastating to anybody’s health. In case moisture makes contact with other elements, it may also result in the growth of fungus. You can control both by stopping roof leakage.

Structural Integrity

Most leakages, if ignored, lead to serious consequences to the rafters, exterior trim, ceiling joists, and other crucial components of the roof’s structure. Extensive leaks will lead to damaged wood and rotten frames. At this point, only the help of a professional contractor can salvage the situation.

These are just some of the results of unattended roof leaks. Do you want to keep your family safe and healthy, and keep roofing repair costs to a minimum? Of course, you do. Watch keenly for any signs of leakage and ask for professional help if necessary.

Activated sprinkler watering the lawn

Gardening 101: 4 Tips for Looking After Your Lawn

Having proper lawn care equipment is just half of the battle for a beautifully maintained lawn. You also have to learn about a few more things, such as fertilization, watering, and how and when to cut the grass properly.

Are you ready for a lesson on yard care and maintenance?

Fertilize properly

The right fertilizer applied at the right time allows the grass to grow healthy. If you commission a soil test for the yard in Salt Lake City, you will learn many important things about lawn fertilization, including the specific needs of the soil and the plants. A customized formulation is best.

Get a good mower

A reasonably priced mower should be part of your yard care arsenal. Find a mower of decent quality and learn how to operate it properly. More importantly, learn how much of the grass you should cut and when is the best time to cut the grass based on its variety. Consider the terrain and the size of your lawn when choosing the right mower. Decide whether you are getting a gas powered or electric mower.

Pay attention to the soil

Before planting the grass, give enough time and importance to the soil. If the soil is not ready, then you cannot expect the grass to grow healthy. The best thing you can do at this stage is to consult with someone who knows about the type of soil in your area.

Water correctly

The frequency by which you water the lawn is important for the grass. Most experts agree that watering once a week is best for the plants. Watering frequently may not be enough because you may not be watering deeply. Deeper watering is also a measure against pests, specifically bugs that thrive in dry, unhealthy yards.

Lastly, devote some time for raking leaves. A great-looking lawn is clean and free from dead leaves and other debris. A rake is the simplest and most effective tool you need for this purpose. For lawn care and maintenance jobs that are more complicated, don’t hesitate to call the pros.

a mechanic holds an air duct

What You Need to Know About Air Duct Cleaning

If your ventilation system is not installed properly and does not receive proper maintenance, it could be the source of air contaminants in your home and it needs to be cleaned. Air duct cleaning involves cleaning different components of your heating and cooling system to improve indoor air quality in your home.

The rates for air duct cleaning services in Minnesota may vary depending on the size of your system, its level of contamination, climatic conditions, and the accessibility of the unit.

When Should You Consider Cleaning Your System?

It might be time to consider duct cleaning services if you notice substantial mold growth inside your ducts or on any components of your heating and cooling system. An increase in allergens and respiratory diseases in your family members can also indicate that you need air duct cleaning. Rodents’ droppings and insect shells in your duct also shows that your duct needs immediate and proper cleaning.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your air duct will not only improve indoor air quality, but also the air circulation of your system. Heating and air systems working at peak performance can reduce your energy consumption by 25-40%. Clean indoor air also protects your children from bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory diseases that arise from constant exposure to contaminants.

What to Expect From an Air Duct Cleaning Expert

The specialist should inspect your system for any asbestos materials, as these require specially trained and equipped professionals. The cleaning expert should protect your carpets, home furnishing, and duct work when cleaning. He should also open all access doors and ports to ensure the entire system is thoroughly inspected and cleaned well.

The specialist should not use any chemical treatments or biocides that can affect your family’s health. Ensure that the company you hire has the license required by the state and has the qualified and experienced personnel.

Regular maintenance of your system will minimize future contamination of your air ducts. Call the professionals whenever you notice any signs of problems with your air ducts or the entire heating and cooling system.

Adapting Your Home for Your Elderly or Disabled Loved One

is an issue that people with disabilities must face every day. You may have a loved one who is aging, and you would like to make accessibility adjustments to your home. Such changes are good, whether your loved one has a disability or is beginning to find simple, everyday activities tiresome and challenging. These suggestions might help you make your house a more comfortable space for your loved one.

Build Ramps or Install a Lift

It may be easy to make your loved one’s bedroom easier for them to navigate, even with the challenges they have with mobility, but you should also consider how they can enter and leave the bedroom with ease and safety. If possible, give them a ground floor bedroom. If all your bedrooms are upstairs, however, consider building ramps for wheelchairs. These are less costly and do not need maintenance, but they are good only if the incline is low. For a higher floor, consider building a lift. You may also build a ramp or install a lift for a garage that’s a few steps lower than the door to the house.

Replace Doorknobs

A doorknob may not be hard to turn for a completely healthy person, but it may be painful for arthritic hands or hard for weak grips. Instead of the conventional round doorknobs, consider installing levers that don’t take a lot of force to open.

Get a Walk-In Bathtub

Heavenly Walk-In Tubs  reminds us that a walk-in, portable bathtub is ideal for older people, especially those who have trouble with walking and climbing. You can position the tub in an ideal place so your loved one doesn’t have to navigate much to get to it. A walk-in bathtub is also less risky, as your loved one doesn’t have to climb over the side just to get in the tub. They simply have to open the tub door.

Light up Every Area

Any area where your loved one goes must be properly lighted, as darkness is not exactly an elderly person’s friend. It can cause trip-and-slip accidents. High quality LED lights offer better lighting that’s kind to the eyes. As for the light switches, adjust them to a comfortable height for your loved one. In some areas, such as the garage or the hallway, think about installing motion-detecting lights so that your elderly loved-one doesn’t have to fumble in search of the switch.

There are other, simple considerations, such as putting a small, waist-high table by the front door, if your loved one comes and goes on their own. They can place what’s in their pocket on the table while looking for the house keys. This takes care of the problem of dropping something and having to stoop to find it, which can be hard for old people, especially if they are arthritic.

Adapting your house to an elderly or disabled loved one may not be cheap, but it’s all worth it if you consider the comfort, convenience, safety, and peace of mind.

Colorfully designed lawn with gazebo

Avoid These Common Home Landscaping Mistakes

The lawn adds value to your home; it beautifies it, adds an aesthetic appeal, provides you with a green space, and it gives you a place to rest. However, it can also detract the overall look of your home if you make some or all of the following landscaping mistakes.

Spaces are Too Small

Some homes, such as those in big cities or apartments, have small spaces for a lawn. These tiny spaces limit their choice of plants, flowers, and ornaments. The size makes it difficult to be creative; some homeowners just put everything they can on a small area. A lawn expert in Salt Lake City notes that if you will put a table with chairs, the bare minimum space required is around 10’ x 10’.

Cluttered Design

Some homeowners make the mistake of putting as many vases, pots, plants, flowers, chairs, tables, and ornaments on their lawn. This results in a cluttered look that distracts and overwhelms; you’ll need to give the garden spaces to breathe. Choose complementary colors for the paint job, pieces of furniture, flowers, and plants. Put complementary pieces together so that they form a cohesive design that adds value.

Lack of an Indoor to Outdoor Connection

You’ll need to create flow in the design of the lawn and the rooms that connect to it. Each room is a visual extension and contributes to the overall design of the exterior and interior. The connection relies on the flow of the textures, styles, and colors of the elements. For example, use a slider or a French door because it allows the eyes to travel through it. Another way to achieve this connection is to use flooring that matches the indoor and outdoor rooms.

These are just some of the common landscaping mistakes that most homeowners make. You may get the help of an expert to correct these. Doing so improves the value and overall aesthetics of your home.

Man in a wheel chair in need of mobility aid

How to Choose a Stair Lift For Your Home

If you or someone you love finds climbing your stairs to be too difficult, a stair lift is a great solution. Stair lifts can safely and comfortably carry anyone up the stairs in no time. Experience a new level of convenience and independence by installing one in your home.

Kinds of stair lifts

There are currently two types of stair lifts available in the market. The type you need is based on your staircase’s design. A straight stair lift travels on a flight of stairs in a straight line. One of the most reliable models is the Brooks stair lift in Denver from Ascent Mobility. Meanwhile, a curved stair lift can easily bend or change directions to accommodate spiral staircases.

Some lifts are also weatherproof as they are made for outdoor stairs. For those who have difficulty bending their knees, standing stair lifts are also on the market. Other lifts can be mounted onto the treads of the stairs and not the wall. These are sturdy and can be easily installed in any home.

Stair lifts are also easily customizable to accommodate your particular needs. Heavy-duty lifts with wide seats are available for heavier users. Some seats have foot plates, arm rests and seat belts. A few seats could even swivel, and come equipped with safety features.

Where to purchase stair lifts

You can buy lifts either online or from local accessibility experts. There are also benefits and financial grants available to help you pay for one. For example, know Medicare does not offer coverage for purchasing stair lifts but certain states provide Medicaid waivers and allow payment for stair lifts. Veterans with disabilities can receive cash grants for lifts.

All in all, purchasing a stair lift can help you or your loved one make your home more accessible. Though some secondhand lifts are available, a brand new lift comes with a warranty and ensures you receive quality maintenance services. Whichever you choose, your loved ones are sure to be grateful for them.

Keep Your Home Plumbing System In Prime Condition

At the mention of water damage, most people think of a heavy rainstorm that floods entire neighborhoods. Unfortunately, natural disasters are not the only causative factor. One slight mishap or oversight in the home could have you staring at certain disaster.

An overflowing sink, bathtub or a leaking pipe can have you contending with a flooded house. In most cases, plumbing specialist All Hours Plumbing and HVAC notes, such problem arises when you have a problem with your plumbing systems.

Inefficient Water Flow

Improper installation of water pipes in the home cause you to experience period water shortages in some parts of the house. You might experience water scarcity in the upper floors of your house, which is a great inconvenience when you have a large household.

Other than the frustrations of having to wait for turns, it increases the likelihood of leaving the taps open. Most people fail to close a tap upon finding it dry. After leaving the house, regular water flow resumes, causing the bathrooms to flood.

Left unchecked the water spreads to the rest of the house, soaking up the carpets and anything else along its path. Your expensive electrical items close to the floor are not spared either.

Dangerous Aftermath

Depending on your floor plan, draining a flooded house might be a simple or complex issue. While many people manage to drain their houses after such an incident, they ignore the most dangerous problem. Water damage extends beyond the visible staining of the floor and walls.

Water seeping beneath the floorboards and drywall creates the ideal conditions for the establishment of mold and mildew. The moisture also leads the wooden floorboards to rot from within, causing you to incur extensive losses.

Consulting a water damage specialist in Salt Lake City helps rein in the situation before it gets out of hand.

Water damage possesses a considerable danger to your home that could cause you to incur losses running into thousands of dollars. Keeping the plumbing system in good condition is a sure way to keep your home safe.

A residential street in a neighborhood

Illinois Association of Realtors Releases June Home Sales in Chicago

Home sales in Chicago fell in June, along with a drop in median prices for sold properties in the city, according to data from the Illinois Association of Realtors (IAR).

The number of sold homes and median prices for the month fell at their lowest rate since August 2016. These figures also indicated that the city’s residential real estate market was at its weakest since June 2011.

Declining Market

The association based its data from a nine-county suburban region, where housing sales and prices grew at the slowest pace since March 2016. If you’re looking to buy homes in Chicago, it’s very likely that you’ll have difficulty finding properties.

That’s because the lack of supply for houses on the market have caused a weak residential sector, according to industry experts. IAR President Doug Carpenter said that declining inventories have made it hard for buyers to acquire homes not just in the city, but in the rest of Illinois.

Hottest Areas

Goldy Locks, Inc. agrees that those who are planning to own houses with security doors in Chicago, among other safety features, should visit Bridgeport, where single-family and attached homes continue to be popular among buyers. The neighborhood emerged as the only one, among 76 others, with attractively priced properties in the two categories.

Bridgeport’s proximity to the Loop, restaurants, and Palmisano Park contributed to its popularity as one of the “hottest markets” in the city for the first six months of 2017. Single-family properties in the area amounted to $480,000, while condominiums had a median price of $254,500. Among the hottest markets, South Chicago homes had the lowest price for single-family houses at $74,000, while the most affordable condominium prices are in West Ridge ($125,000).

You should carefully consider where to buy homes in Chicago, as the market is generally weak amid a lack of supply. Don’t forget to think about your budget and the security of the house before you make a decision.

Dealing with Increasing Prices through Smart Lifestyle Moves

People are considering a change of lifestyle these days to combat rising costs. From expensive items to basic needs, individuals are trying to find ways to lessen personal expenses.

Reducing Food Spending

While food may not be the highest expense among basic needs, it’s something you can’t do without. Some are reducing their meal expenses by lessening dine-outs or bringing lunch to work. Individuals living alone and families also plan and buy groceries in bulk to save on gas and take advantage of discounts for volume purchases.

Reassessing Routines and Hobbies

People who spend much on entertainment and workout are now finding ways to enjoy life without the high expense. Rather than going to the cinema, they opt for streaming movies online, watching them alone or with family and friends. Others discovered that while frequenting the gym is fun, they could do away with the membership fee, buy their equipment and exercise at home. They may also go out for a jog during fine-weather days.

Being Smart About Transport

Individuals who used to drive to the office or the university are ditching private vehicles and opting for public transport due to rising fuel costs. Carpooling with colleagues at work or in school is an option they are considering.

Saving on Utility Bills

High utility bills is another red flag. A lot of tech-savvy people are on the lookout for better telecommunication and internet rates to better fit their budget. They are looking at more energy-efficient appliances and fixtures.

A Step Forward for the Environment

Concerning energy, some people are taking a step forward in lowering costs and helping the environment. They invest in solar panels to harvest the sun’s power for home use rather than rely on commercial providers that use carbon energy to produce electricity. Though there is an initial outlay, the savings over time will greatly outweigh their initial expense.

Many in perennially sunny areas like New Mexico are taking advantage of this energy option. But people in other states are also considering this, even just to reduce costs during the summer months.

Prices may be rising, but this does not mean that everyone has to endure the situation passively. There are a variety of ways to slash your expenses while still enjoying the perks of life.