What You Can Do to Lure Customers Towards Your Product

Product in the shelvesIf you want to increase sales, your product must always be able to attract customers. Make sure your products stand out from the rest so that customers will be lured and enticed to buy.

The ability to lure customers towards a product is always the goal of every business. For old products, it is to retain interest of customers and to ensure that they do not get tired of it or find another similar product. For new offerings, the goal is to entice customers to make a purchase that will increase sales.

The question now is, what can you do to make that happen? With a variety of products at the market aisle, how will you stand a chance?

Promotional Offerings

Giving away a promotional offer is one of the tactics used by big and small manufacturers when it comes to new products. Some offer a “buy one get one” promo to lure customers. Yes, this would mean smaller profits, but it will help customers realise how good your product is. Before you know it, those customers will be the one doing the marketing for you.

Captivating Video

Have you noticed how the latest trends in marketing have gone from static to the more dynamic videos? Indeed, businesses today would make sure that they have a video of their product on YouTube and Vimeo. Studies show that about 1.3 billion people use YouTube. So when you get to create a compelling video and capture a tiny portion of this population, you would have a good market for your product.

The Right Label

Ensuring that your product labels are attractive enough will give you the edge. For example, if you sell wines in New Zealand, seek the help of companies offering lovely-looking wine labels. Even on a promotional video, your product label should be enticing.

These are three effective ways to get the attention of your customers. Whether you are offering a new product or are simply trying to retain their interest in an existing item, you will never go wrong when you follow these.

3 Savvy PPC Decisions for Small Businesses

Pay Per Click Online advertising through pay-per-click (PPC) gives small brands a chance to compete in the market. It’s especially useful for small businesses that can’t afford to spend on traditional advertising like with bigger competitors.

Small-scale companies may end up with weak marketing, though, since they often don’t have the budget and resources to execute an effective PPC campaign. iNovate Marketing, Inc. understands the importance of a substantial marketing campaign and aims to help clients make the transition. If you’re not sure where to start though, here are some ways you can use PPC to boost your business.

Choosing Better Keywords

Online users start their search through keywords. Knowing the specific keywords relevant to your website is not enough, though. It’s also vital to know your target audience’s intent.

If you’re selling Canon cameras, for example, you don’t simply target the keywords “Canon cameras.” Instead, go for keywords like “buy Canon cameras” or “Canon cameras for sale” since these searchers would have a higher intent to purchase.

More Attractive Ad Copies

Even if you correctly set up your keywords, your target audience will not click on your ads if your copies are boring and unattractive. Tap into your unique selling points and use it for your ad copies. For instance, you can highlight your company’s low prices or extensive product inventory.

You can also look into your competitors’ ads and try to offer a better deal.

Specific Landing Pages

If your ad promotes a specific camera brand, you’re setting up your audience’s expectation that the landing page will sell them that camera brand. So, if you lead them to your homepage instead of the page that they’re looking for, though, they’ll probably just visit another website. This will lead to fewer conversions and lower quality score on Google. So, set aside time to plan your ad copies and linked pages to make sure you integrate them properly.

Small businesses may face certain drawbacks with their PPC campaigns because of the limits to their resources. With a better understanding of how such a strategy works, your plan has a better chance at succeeding. If you think planning a strategy is way over your head, though, you can always hire a professional to help you out.

WordPress Logo on a Laptop

Building a Website: Why WordPress Should be Your First Choice

WordPress Logo on a LaptopYou need to make a lot of choices and decisions when building a website from scratch. It’s important to weigh all your options if the website is for your business. According to Forbes, a website is an extension of your business card since it contains information about you and your services.

One of the most important decisions to make is choosing your website’s platform; it’s the groundwork for all your succeeding efforts. There are different content management systems (CMS) out there, but here are a few reasons WordPress should be your first choice.

Easy Customization

You can easily change the look of your website because WordPress has a Customize tab right on the dashboard. It will make it easier to alter your site’s appearance based on your taste and the nature of your business. Sievers Creative, for example, uses WordPress in many of their web design projects.

Tried & Tested

The great thing about using an established platform like WordPress is it’s already gone through numerous updates that address bugs and security issues. It won’t be around for over 10 years if people think it’s ineffective and hard to use.

Endless Resources

Another beauty of using a mature platform is the available resources. There are endless articles and blog posts on how to deal with WordPress issues, in the event you encounter one. This means lesser time troubleshooting and more time improving your content.

Features & Plug-ins

WordPress is not scarce with advanced features because of its open source nature. If you need a feature that WordPress doesn’t support, you can always try out plug-ins. From a booking calendar to a live chat support, your business can benefit from the platform’s versatility.

WordPress offers more advantages that should convince you to choose it when building your website.

Venturing the Digital Marketing

Go Online: Plotting Your Digital Marketing Plan

Venturing the Digital MarketingAre you still stuck with traditional marketing techniques? You have to step up your game. Otherwise, you’ll always be left behind. And this is bad for your business. It’s high time that you incorporate some digital marketing techniques into your business.

Doing this will not only help you gain customers; it will also help you build a harmonious relationship with them. Not sure where to start? Reliable digital marketing companies in Temecula recommend the following:

Define Your Objectives

Every great marketing campaign begins with a foolproof plan. In this regard, you need to come up with solid objectives—not just objectives, but specific ones. These objectives will also be useful when assessing your campaign after its implementation. You should both have branding and sales goals. Your branding goals should be about forming relationships with your customers. Sales goals, on the other hand, should be focused on efforts that increase sales.

Your Techniques

Many techniques will help you meet your objectives. If you want to increase your online presence, you need to build a website. Social media efforts that will be used to create rapport with your target audience should complement this site. You may also make use of banner ads to lead your customers to your website. Other important techniques you need to employ are search engine optimization, PR partnerships, and content marketing.

Your Assessment

It’s important that you know how your campaign has fared after you have implemented it. This is where your objectives will come in handy; they’ll serve as your reference. You can use social media listening tools and analytics to see how people perceive your brand.

Marketing your brand online is something that should be part of your strategy. You may choose to get a consultant to refine each aspect of your plan.

How Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of PPC Strategies

PPC Strategies in South JordanBusiness owners who are new to the industry are often afraid to take risks, no matter how small. It’s understandable, considering how early it is in their venture to be exposing themselves to threats that could destroy their business.

What they don’t see, however, are the opportunities that await them and the desirable results ahead of them if only they explored more ways to boost their business.

The Power of a Click

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a powerful digital marketing tactic that reaches a preferred target audience in a short span of time by just posting ads online. Brands only pay for the ads once people click on them. It is also an easy and noticeable way to appear on search result pages, remarks Back 2 Black Agency. The difference between generic ads and PPC ads is that it incorporates an algorithm that helps ads reach the viewership of only their target audience instead of blasting the ads all over the World Wide Web.

Among all the businesses on Facebook, only 6% use the niche PPC ads feature. This just means that 94% of Facebook businesses have static posts that don’t amount to substantial traffic because of its limited reach. Small enterprises need this technology the most because marketing the business to their niche is more important than gaining irrelevant and useless traffic.

With the Help of Keywords

A new business requires more documentation to prove it’s doing well. Google Adwords and BingAds provide brands with quality scores for each PPC campaign or ad group they put online. This way, you may look into each individual ad through a domain and assess which strategy works better than others.

Keywords are as important as photos in PPC ads, one must note. An ad’s click-through rate (CTR) will rise when more viewers interact with your advertisement. Google and Bing will surely boost those that get them more profit for both you and them.

Keep your PPC strategies simple yet strong. With PPC ads, you’re sure to find a partner in pulling your business up the ranks.

Adding Visuals to Your Site

It’s All in the Visuals: A Positive User Experience Through Imagery

Adding Visuals to Your SiteContent is king – and that will always be true in the realm of digital marketing. Relevant content complete with keywords runs miles for your SEO strategy.

People, however, are more visual in nature. Despite the wonderful stories or helpful advice, online users are not big fans of long blocks of text.

That’s why you need images – strategically placed, emotionally charged, and high-quality imagery. But how can you do images right on your Utah web design?

Trigger Actions

Words can motivate users once they are on the site, but before that, visitors do not often pay attention to content. For them to visit the site, you’ll need a great set of visuals.

Reading the newsletter or signing up for a new account bores visitors. Instead of discouraging them, why not add creative visuals to make the process easier (and also more fun)? Forms with well-designed visuals make a boring task more entertaining, which encourages more engagement between the site and its users.

Show Them You Care

High-quality images are also useful in turning frustrating situations into opportunities to impress.

404 Error Pages, for example, easily annoy users. If visitors come across 404 pages, it means the site is missing a page. For them, it’s a frustrating experience, but you can lessen the annoyance. Incorporate some fun by adding unique visuals on the 404 page. This shows visitors that you care about your mistake and that they are still on the right site – the page just doesn’t work.

Nobody wants errors on the site, but they are unavoidable. In case visitors do get the error, apologize in the best way you can – with the help of images.

Exude Confidence with Visuals

Visitors love brands that are confident in their own skin. So where do visuals come into play?

Expert content becomes more relevant when you combine it with compelling images. A convincing photo brings powerful quotes to life; the saying becomes more convincing. This powerful combination displays expertise in a realistic yet appealing way.

Mastering the art of peripheral persuasion means using visuals to convince visitors to convert. Use images to create a positive user experience. When visitors have such experiences, they will convert – and that’s a positive experience for you too.

Secrets to Establishing a Credible and Profitable Online Presence

online marketing concept in Utah
In the world of online businesses, the search engines are kings, deciding which ventures to favor and which to punish. These engines increase your visibility to the prospective customers in Utah and beyond. As such, they bear a considerable influence on the success of your business. Ventures highly visible on the internet experience better sales than those with a modest visibility.

Optimize Your Online Presence

The thing is, search engines only respond to your actions and plans concerning online marketing. With the proper approach and strategy, you improve your digital footprint. It all starts with having an excellent website and populating it with unique content. Ensure that your site loads fast and seamlessly on all devices and is easy to navigate.

People click away from cumbersome and clunky websites quickly, and it could prove harmful. High bounce rates may signal poor content or user experience, lowering your rankings.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Before making any decisions to buy your goods and services, a potential customer will first establish your online reputation. Take the time to clean up your brand name and ensure it stays impressive at all times.

With a reputation management team to back you up, you stay ahead of the competition and grow your business. Other than putting out positive messages about your brand, you need to ensure proper conduct at all times. One wrong step could lead to substantial losses.

Get on Social Media

Other than helping people keep in touch with their friends, social media platforms are excellent business tools. Their interactive nature promotes engagement between you and the prospective customers. Such channels allow you to weed out the pain points and address them quickly and conveniently. Similarly, you get instant feedback from the target market while tending to their concerns or clearing up misconceptions.

With many people turning to online shopping, you need to establish a credible digital footprint. With these pointers, you set a reputable online presence for your business and grow your sales.


Three Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Expenses

Lower Monthly Expenses in Salt Lake CityThere are many ways to cut down on your expenses and save more money. The easiest and simplest are often the ones you ignore, but read this post and be reminded of how simple it actually is to avoid getting deeper into debt.

Refinance your mortgage

Look for a company offering a fair mortgage refinance rate in Salt Lake City. The whole point of refinancing a current mortgage is to get a lower monthly payment. With a lower monthly, you can stretch your dollars a little further.

Cut subscriptions

You probably don’t realize it but right now you have more subscriptions and memberships than you have any real use for. For example, do you even go to the gym? It takes several hundred a month from your bank account or credit card and you only get to use the facilities twice a month. You can just run in the park, where it’s free. Do you watch a lot of cable? If you do, that’s probably part of the reason you’re always running low on cash. Do you need a big data plan on your phone, or do you only need it for when you’re bored on the bus? If that’s the case, read the paper or a book instead. Replace your phone plan to an ordinary cell phone plan. Use your Internet at home or at the office instead.

Keep only one credit card

One credit card should be enough for what you need, such as groceries and perhaps some clothing items or shoes now and then. Having a bunch of cards tempts you to binge on retail. Cancel your cards and leave only the one that you like the most. Pay cash whenever you can. That keeps you aware of your buying limits.

These are only three suggestions. Surely, you can come up with other ways to lower your monthly bills and expenses.

3 Holiday Décor and Gift Ideas You Can Do

Gift WrappersChristmas is almost here and it’s a great holiday to start small, inexpensive traditions. Here are three simple, printing projects you can do at home to make the holiday even more meaningful and festive:

Personalised Gift Wrappers

Sure, it’s the thought that counts and wrappers are meant for tearing. But there’s something about sitting by the fireplace and wrapping presents while you drink eggnog and listen to Christmas tunes. There are many ways to spruce up your gifts this year and one of them is having your own personalised gift wrappers. 

It could be as simple as jazzing up craft paper with some roller stamps or designing your own gift wrappers using Photoshop. Woolstonprinting.com.au recommends working with a commercial printing company to make your designs come to life, including personalised gift tags.

Custom Print Candles For Your Table

One of the joys of the holiday is to design your long table for family dinners and gatherings. This year upgrade your Martha Stewart skills and make your holiday décor shine. If you have some large candles handy, you can create some custom print candles

You can cut a page from a book and transfer the print onto the candles using a hair dryer. It’s simple, easy, inexpensive and best of all, a showstopper. You can play with other designs you can find on the web. If you don’t have a printer at home, you can swing by a printing company and make several copies, each design meant for different holidays.

Printed Holidays Cards

Your local bookstore and stationery company has a wide variety of Instagram-worthy holiday cards you can give to family and friends. There are various holiday postcards, too. But there is something about sending your own personalised holiday cards and writing a quick greeting or a lengthy note inside. 

If you’ve always wanted to do this, Christmas is a great holiday to start a new tradition. If you’re good a painting, you can create watercolour Christmas cards. You can find inspiration on the web or edit royalty-free ones. You can print these at home or head to your printing vendor to have them printed and get some envelopes, too.

These DIY projects are easy, simple and inexpensive. It can also help you wind down and manage the holiday stress that often gets people riled up during this time of year. Happy DIY-ing!

Social Media Advertising is the New Profit Generator

Social Media AdvertisingSearch advertising is still big, but if you’ll notice, social advertising is quickly gaining when it comes to popularity. Not surprising considering how social media domains, like Facebook, are used by nearly a billion people all over the world.

By conquering social media advertising, Social Connect says you are effectively making a successful marketing statement to a ripe and ready market. 

Here are some of the reasons social advertising would increase your profits: 

  • Social media engagement – People who log into social platforms tend to stay there far longer than they intend to. Having a social media page, therefore, increases client engagement, giving you more ‘exposure’ time as opposed to old school advertising strategies.
  • Brand investment – The great thing about social media is that it also helps build your brand. Having an account essentially makes it possible to infuse a little bit of ‘personality’ into your platform, making you seem more approachable and therefore memorable.
  • Customer feedback – Social media platforms today make it possible for you to talk directly with clientele. New changes also created a ‘rating’ system, much like with Amazon.
  • Purchases – Purchases through social media have increased over the years as more and more people readily buy stuff they see on their newsfeeds. Studies show that social media advertisements are more likely to trigger impulse buys compared to domain page posts. 

Just opening a social media platform isn’t enough. Much like with traditional online marketing, it takes both time and effort to establish yourself on the platform. This is why it’s usually a good idea to hire the services of a professional. By doing so, you can have someone devote their expertise in the marketing aspect even as you try to boost the quality of your product and service. With social media platforms also carrying their own unique qualities, it pays to have experts handle this technical side of the marketing process.

These are only a few of the perks social advertising brings. Give it a go and you'll be amazed at how it can manage to boost your business success rate.