Where and What to Eat in the Beaches of Sentosa

Sands of Sentosa Singapore Digging into delectable dishes while basking in the tropical breeze is as good as it gets. Sentosa lets you have this experience in its renowned beaches: Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach and Tanjong Beach.

Whether it’s during the June school holidays or a simple weekend getaway, here are the restaurants you should try in each one.

Seafood Platter at Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach is a family-friendly destination with shops and activities for visitors of all ages. After an adventurous day by the sea, reward your family with a scrumptious seafood platter from Makansutra Seafood Seeshore. The restaurant serves specially created Grilled Crab with three choices of dip: salted egg yolk, black pepper and chilli.

Indulge in even more seafood at Silk Road of the Sea Restaurant & Bar. It is famous for the braised shark’s fin with bamboo pith and crabmeat as well as the stir-fried crab with dried red chilli—perfect dishes for when the family is soaking up the tropical sun.

Adventurous Beach Grub at Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach is famous for the beach party lifestyle. As such, it is home to some of the hippest restaurants (and bars, of course) on the island. Take the tropical holiday experience to another level by dining at OLA Beach Club. The restaurant features quirky Hawaiian-inspired dishes such as lomi-lomi salmon and kalua pig taco to tickle your taste buds.

Try the Californian-Asian cuisine at Wave House Sentosa as well. The restaurant will serve a homemade beef burger or a hoisin roast duck pizza to fill you up before partying the night away.

Chill Dining at Tanjong Beach

While Palawan Beach is for family bonding and Siloso Beach is for partying, Tanjong Beach is for relaxing. It is the perfect tropical destination if you seek tranquillity and solitude.

After finishing the book you’ve been meaning to read or after lounging the whole afternoon away, grab a bite at Tanjong Beach Club. The bistro’s cuisine captures the easygoing seaside spirit—it shows in some of their signature dishes, the cider batter fish & chips and the banana coconut tarte tatin.

Check out Bora Bora Beach Bar as well. Its rustic charm combined with seaside specialties such as the avocado crab salad and fried seafood platter will keep you satisfied on lazy days by the beach.

Every Sentosa beach has something different to offer, and so do their restaurants. Try these the next time you spend a holiday on the island.

A cosmetologist at work

Aspiring to Be a Cosmetologist: What to Expect and How to Be One

As a cosmetologist, your job is to provide beauty-related services to your clients. Thus, you will need excellent communication skills and customer relations. If you are employed, other skills may be required by your employer.

The Job of a Cosmetologist

Usually, the job begins with a consultation with the client about the kind of look they are aiming for. You may recommend makeup, hairstyling, or other treatment options that you have learned from a Salt Lake City cosmetology school like Collectiv Academy, after observing the condition of the client’s skin, hair, and nails. Once the services to be done are agreed on, the actual work begins.

Depending on the service the client needs, your tasks may include applying scalp or facial treatments, shaping eyebrows, and polishing and manicuring nails. At the end of each working day, you need to clean your area and sanitize your equipment.

Job Requirements

To work as a cosmetologist, you need to obtain a certificate, technical diploma or certificate in cosmetology. You must also have a license to practice as required by all states. Regarding skills, you need to have creativity, physical stamina, attention to details, and time management skills.

Job Outlook

For the next 10 years, demand for cosmetologists, as well as hairstylists and hairdressers, is expected to grow by 10%. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (US BLS), median salary is pegged at $23,660, and a total of 348,010 job positions are held by cosmetologists, hairstylists, and hairdressers as of May 2015.

Work Options

If you are seeking employment, you can work in beauty salons, resorts, day spas, nursing homes, military bases, and shopping malls. If you want to be self-employed, you can rent a small space in a salon. All you will need are your own supplies.

Final Word

There are lots of opportunities for cosmetologists, including those who have just completed a training program. With determination, hard work, and willingness to learn, there is no reason why you will not succeed in your chosen career.

How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Child in Salt Lake City

Truth: raising a child is expensive. In 2014 alone, a middle-income family with two children should spend at least $12,000 a year per Two children playing together in a daycarechild, and when you include inflation, it will continue to increase over the years.

The amount you spend, however, can depend largely on many factors, including where you live. This is because some states have a cheaper cost of living than the others.

So how much will it cost you to rear children in Utah, especially in Salt Lake City? Read on to find out.


Research shows that the median home price in Utah’s capital is $275,500 while the rent can be as much as $1,350, although this is cheaper than that of Salt Lake City metro. If you wish to live in the capital but you want to avoid a hefty price tag on a home, you can look for properties in Fairpark or Glendale.


Education costs can be either higher or lower depending on the age and the level of education. In Salt Lake City, for example, childcare homes can charge between $300 and $600 for children up to two years old. Daycare in the city, meanwhile, can be as low as $150 to $500. Because of the differences in pricing, you need to choose a daycare center carefully.


Data shows that on average, every person in Salt Lake City may have to spend $274 per day for food. A huge portion of your daily budget actually goes to breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks, coffee, and other food items.

These numbers do not have to scare you. Instead, use them as your guide when planning for your family and budget. As long as you know how to save as much as you can, raising a child, given your income, should not be too challenging.

Make this Tasty Dish of the Wild West the Star of Your Dinner Table

Cowgirl StewThe Old West has some particularly delicious dishes that remain to be family favorites up to this day. The great thing about these foodstuff is they are easy to prepare and are also nutritious.

Some of the best and delicious dishes came from the Wild West and cowgirl stew is one of those. This absolutely heavenly dish comes complete with ingredients rich in protein, vitamin B, potassium, B6 and other essential nutrients. Best of all, you do not need to prepare any type of side dish because cowgirl stew, with lentils and beans, can answer all of your fiber needs. So what are the common ingredients you would need for this dish and how do you prepare it?

What you need

You will need vegetable oil, ground beef, a pack of sweet corn kernels, a can of tomatoes and a can of ranch-style beans. You also have to get potatoes, onions, green bell peppers, celery, some chili powder, and white sugar. Do not forget to include some garlic powder salt and ground black pepper. For your beef stock, mix a paste-like essence of newly cooked meat with water for the best beef base. With regards to quantities, try checking online for the best combination.

Cooking Your Stew

Put the vegetable oil in a large pot and slowly heat it. Then pour the ground beef into the pot and stir it until it is fully cooked. Add your beef stock along with all other ingredients previously mentioned and stir. Cover the pot and allow the mixture to boil, after which, you reduce the heat to medium-low. Simmer until your potato cubes are tender.

How long does it take to prepare and cook this dish?

It depends on what ingredients you use, the manner of your preparation, and how you cook it. In the case of a cowgirl stew recipe published on AllRecipes.com, it said that cooking time may last for an hour. Preparation, on the other hand, could depend on how fast you dice and slice. In some other recipe websites where they use other ingredients besides those mentioned here, their cooking time can be as long as 8 hours of slow cooking.

A serving of this delicious Wild West dish can satisfy your daily nutritional requirement. According to LiveStrong.com, this stew can give you vitamins B6, E, and A, as well as potassium, manganese and copper. Have this wonderful dish every weekend and you will surely earn praises from your family.

Why an Independent Assisted Living Community is Part of a Comfortable Retirement

Retirement Home In Gulf BreezeAs you age, you will need to change from your fully independent living to assisted living homes. These homes can either be within Gulf Breeze or in an area where you are close to a loved one. For a fact, most seniors who relocate to retirement homes develop a preference for them in the long run. In addition to the elegant, all-inclusive comfort and luxury that these homes offer, here are the three primary reasons why.

Development of Friendships

Residing in a retirement home gives seniors the opportunity to develop friendships and social circles, says an expert from Watermarkofgulfbreeze.com. These social connections are exceedingly important as we get older since various life experiences could trigger isolation. In these communities, the elderly get to share meals as well as relish memorable occasions together.

There are a variety of social activities at a senior living home in Gulf Breeze that the elderly can get to enjoy such as yoga classes, cooking classes, thrilling movie-nights, puzzles and long walks on the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier to mention a few. Additionally, the art lovers can visit the Pensacola Museum of Art.

The End to the Hassle of Home Maintenance and Repair

Putting an end to home repairs and maintenance instantly carves a smile on your face because fixing unwarranted home repairs which usually incur substantial costs can be stressful. Bearing that in mind, moving to retirement communities eliminates these unanticipated costs. As such, this also proves to be significantly economical because, by getting rid of these home maintenance costs, you get to save money.

Proper Nutrition

In retirement communities, the residents no longer need to worry about their meal preparation, not to mention grocery shopping. The meals are not only highly nutritious but also delicious. As a result, most of the elderly tend to notice a significant improvement in their health.

From attentive servers, warm and friendly housekeepers to skilled maintenance technicians, retirement communities are important.

Regular Eye Screening Could Save Your Life

Eye TestMany Americans don't get an annual eye test and 48% of parents have never taken their pre-teen for an eye check, yet having exams can detect serious health problems and could even save your life.

The thought of wearing glasses or contact lenses may discourage you from getting an eye test or maybe you feel that vision problems happen only to older people so you haven't insisted on an eye screening for your child. Having routine ophthalmic care is important as eye exams aren't just to see if you need glasses. Here are some serious conditions that can be seen in your eyes. 


A high blood/glucose level caused by the initial stages of diabetes can result in damage to the vessels in the eye. If tiny blood spots are noticed, the person should be tested for diabetes. Untreated diabetes can cause diabetic retinopathy, which is one of the leading causes of blindness.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be detected during an eye exam. If it is severe, it can cause a hemorrhage in the back of the eye, blindness or a stroke. Raised pressure specific to the eye could also be a sign of an eye infection or uveitis (inflammation of the uvea).

Lupus and Arthritis

If you have eye inflammation that doesn't respond to treatment you could have lupus, an auto-immune disease. Your eye doctor can order further tests. Having uveitis is also a sign of rheumatoid arthritis.

Ocular Melanoma

Ocular melanoma is a type of eye cancer that is undetectable without a professional examination of the eye.

Maple Grove eye clinics can carry out full eye health checks for you and your family so you can have peace of mind and enjoy seeing the world with crystal clarity.

Hearing: Protect Your Vital Senses

Ear Treatment in AmericaEach of your five senses is important. It is essential that you take good care of your eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and your body. Some senses are used more than the others, like your sense of hearing.

Ear Health

You may already know how to take care of your eyes; if you wear eyeglasses, you may even be more conscious of your eyes’ health. But how about your ears? Have you ever thought about taking care of them?

Hearing Numbers

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, around 48 million Americans suffer from hearing loss at varying degrees. Fifteen percent of children from age 6 to 19 also suffer from some form of hearing loss. Finally, more than half of those who have hearing loss are found in the workforce and in educational settings. Hearing loss is a real problem you may encounter.

Ear Treatments

When you have noticed a problem with your ears or hearing, you can approach hearing centers to diagnose the problem, recommends Columbia Basin Hearing Center . Once diagnosed, you can also proceed to rehabilitation in the same centers should it be recommended by health professionals. Washington has plenty of centers you can go to.

Noise Reduction

Of course, you can take precautions to prevent you or a loved one from ever suffering from hearing loss. One precaution is noise control. You are exposed to noise everywhere you go. Your ears can be damaged by a sudden loud noise or by prolonged exposure to high noise levels. You can use hearing protection such as earplugs and earmuffs to reduce the noise level received by your ears.

Ear Shields

Hearing protection is especially important in noisy workplaces such as a construction site. Your kids should also have hearing protection. You and your children should not listen to loud music or sounds for long.

It is fairly easy to protect your ears. You simply need to be mindful of the noise around you and avoid very loud sounds as much as possible. Do that, and you can stop thinking about hearing loss.

A Guide to Caring for Dental Implants to Ensure They Last for Life

Dental ImplantHaving suffered the indignity and inconvenience of tooth loss, and having chosen to replace your teeth with dental implants, one thing is for sure: you won’t want to run the risk of losing your teeth again. Dental implants are designed to be a permanent replacement for missing teeth, and should be considered not just an investment in your smile, but also in your future.

A dental implant is a titanium post or screw that replaces the root portions of one or more of our natural teeth. Whether teeth have been lost through dental trauma, through tooth decay, or through advanced periodontal disease, they should always be promptly replaced to preserve both your health and your self-confidence.

Simply Teeth in Essex offers tooth replacement with dental implants for people who have lost anything from one to all of their natural teeth. Implants can successfully support either crowns, dentures, or bridges, keeping them firmly in place and also preventing resorbtion of the jaw bone, which happens frequently in cases where many or all the teeth are missing.

The placement of dental implants requires minor oral surgery, which is usually carried out under local anaesthetic or conscious sedation in a dental practice. After the implants have healed and integrated with the bone, permanent new teeth are attached.

Both the implants and the teeth attached to them need to be looked after. You need to visit the dentist and hygienist regularly, for professional tooth cleaning and for monitoring of your oral health.

When implant-retained aren’t cleaned properly, gum disease can develop, and if a serious condition called peri-implantitis is allowed to occur bone tissue can shrink back from the implant, eventually leading to loss of both implant and tooth.

Cleaning dental implant-retained teeth isn’t difficult, and a hygienist can help you develop an efficient technique. Crowns and bridgework attached to implants are designed to be in place permanently, so are cleaned much like natural teeth.

Implant-retained dentures can either be permanently attached or removable. In cases where they are removable, you will need to take them out and clean them at least twice a day as you would do with traditional dentures.

Bon Voyage! Tips for First-Time Flyers

First time flyersWhen it comes to flying for the first time, you do not have to beat yourself up for feeling anxious. It is normal for any first-time flyer to over think about the trip and have scattered thoughts — stressing over the wee details, like where to go and fall in line as soon as you arrive at the airport.

Flights.etihad.com, for example, makes it easier for their guests by providing a page answering frequently asked questions. From booking to checking in, and from baggage to extras or add-ons, these are things you have to know as a passenger, so do not feel ashamed to ask airport personnel.

There is a first time for everything. It is through experience that you learn about these things, such as allowable items and baggage weights. Protocols may vary for every airport and airline. So, for those flying for the first time or for the rusty plane traveller, here are a few pointers you can take note of:

  • Checking-In – For most flights, you can check-in as early as 24 hours before your scheduled departure. This allows you to print your boarding pass beforehand and save time from having to wait in line to print your ticket. Know where your terminal will be and leave an hour early.
  • Packing and Luggage – Before you even leave home, be sure to know what items are allowable in your carry-on and your suitcase. Overweight luggage has corresponding penalties, so be sure to follow the weight limit. Another tip is marking your luggage — use ribbons or tags to make them easily distinguishable.
  • Security – Be ready to strip and pull out metals like belts, phones, jewellery and laptops from their bags, so make them accessible and wear slip-on shoes. Also, prepare your ID and ticket so you can whip it out in a second.
  • Plane – Use the loo before your flight and do not leave your bags unattended. Find your seat and settle in or listen to the flight attendant since it is your first time, right? Chewing gum will help with ear popping and ginger ale helps with flight sickness.

You are sure to learn even more as you embark on your journey, so, as they, bon voyage!