3 Mistakes Even the Best Project Managers Make

Project ManagersProject management is a very fulfilling job that requires a myriad of skills and a high level of expertise in your chosen field. Most project managers always make sure that their skills and knowledge are always on the cutting edge and that their projects aren’t in a steady downward spiral failure.

But even the best of them make mistakes. Milestone Management Partners advises clients that each project is different, even within the same industry. So what should you avoid to continue a career full of success?

Here’s what experts suggest you avoid:

  1. Using only one method.

Even if you have a string of successes from previous projects using that one method, you should never completely rely on it. You should always think critically and analytically about what method is the best for certain teams, specifications, and time frames. There are always a lot of other factors.

  1. Failing to get the proper training or certifications.

A big part of being an effective manager is that you are always in the know about the latest technologies, tools, and methods that are used around the world. The best practices for projects only come from experienced managers. You can choose a new method and enroll in a PMP training course.

  1. Forgetting about change management.

Change is inevitable, so don’t focus on delivering the output of the project. What is important is that users are able to apply the product as it was intended. Even if the output isn’t as seamless as you want it to be, the true measure of success is when your users are able to migrate to a new system or receive your project well.

Making these mistakes is easy, but experts say that if you’re aware, you’ll make them less and less. Keep in mind that you have to start thinking about your method, change management, and your training, even before every project starts. In the end, it’s an effort you won’t regret.