Clear Indications of Imminent Car Engine Problems

Mechanic working on car engine

Mechanic working on car engineThere are many tourist destinations in Utah especially in its capital Salt Lake City. And if you want to visit most all of them, then your car must be in good running condition.

Having your car checked in one of the local auto repair services in Salt Lake City such as Certified Automotive makes traveling a lot easier and gives you comfort. But how do you know if your car needs tune-up or repair?

Here are some obvious signs that you need the assistance of a professional mechanic to check the car’s engine.

Engine Smoke

Did you know that you could determine if there is an engine problem by looking at the smoke coming out of your car’s tailpipe? Dark blue smoke means oil has mixed up with the burning fuel while white smoke means the antifreeze mixture has mixed with the fuel.

This is usually an easy fix for experienced mechanics, as they will just make sure that there are no damaged seals.

Defective Spark Plug

Black smoke points to dirty, faulty spark plugs that could worsen if taken for granted. It could also mean that there is a mixture of fuel and air with gasoline. Also, look out for backfiring as you can trigger this by too much fuel. Or perhaps lack of spark due to low power.

Unusual Noises

Being mechanical in nature, car engines produce a little noise. But if you hear loud, cranking sound under the hood, then there is a problem. Tapping noise is usually connected to the engine’s cylinders and piston.

The sound of grinding usually takes place when starting the car or when shifting gears, while ticks and clicks are produced if there is a problem with the valve or fuel injectors.

The fastest and easiest way to determine the problem of your car is by looking at the dashboard light indicator. Among all these glowing lights, the closest thing to serious engine problem is when the Check Engine indicator remains lit. If this is the case, better have an expert mechanic dig the hood of your car.

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