Colorado: Blazing Forward with Renewable Energy

Solar Panel in Centennial CityAbout 14% of Colorado’s electricity comes from wind power alone — a staggering number given that the national average sits at just 4.7%. Back in 2004, the first publicly voted Renewable Energy Standard was passed. Minimum requirements for electrical outlets regarding the use of renewable sources has increased three-fold since then.

With talented environmental and mechanical engineers such as Three Sixty Engineering, Inc. also integrating renewable practices in construction, Colorado continues its shift from relying on “unclean energy.” At the Centennial City, electricity from the wind reigns supreme.

Wind Energy in Colorado

The breeze is powering Colorado at almost 80% of its renewable energy output and experts in the field predict that by 2020, the state can be scoring 28% of its power from wind energy. Currently, 1,880 huge turbines spin across the state with more still to come. The state mandated decline of cost, government chip-ins, and the natural growth is bolstering the industry in Colorado.


Hydroelectric plants produce about 16% of the entire of renewable energy in Colorado. With over 60 plants in operation, they provide 1,150 MW of electricity. The flood of hydropower projects may rise with still a lot of untapped potential for hydropower development.

Solar Energy

Ranking ninth out of all the U.S. states, Colorado has solar cells that can produce 540 MW of electricity every year. The state is now home to 400 solar companies. The cost of investing in solar cells continues to go down, with an especially steep price fall of 18% from 2014 to 2015. Solar accounts for the 3.09% of renewable energy produced in the state.

Being a star in the renewable energy game, Colorado is in the running for being one of the greenest cities in the U.S. When you partner best practices in construction and sustainability with aggressiveness in sourcing clean energy, a better future awaits the country.

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