Construction Requirements in Northland

A view of a city located in New Zealand Northland in New Zealand continues to remain bullish in its economic outlook, being aggressive with its tourism and domestic migration. Many prefer to live here due to its warmer climate and amazing scenery. For these reasons, construction continues to be one of the strongest industries here.

If you want to build a commercial building in Northland though, you need to abide by the rules. To help you get started, here’s your brief guide.

1. Contractors

You need to work with licenced contractors that have the machinery and staff to perform labour. For example, when it comes to earth moving, you should choose an excavator rental service that has all the safety tools and measures that guarantee the security of the employee and the protection of the environment.

Earth moving and excavation can have a significant effect or change to the land or soil, so you should be familiar with certain protections set by the government. Talk to the local council before you start digging.

2. Consents

Depending on the project you’re doing, you need a building and resource consent. You have to apply for the building consent, which will determine whether your plan is safe and in accordance with the provisions of the Building Act 2004.

Not all buildings may require this consent, but if your building needs one, get it before you start construction. Otherwise, you may receive a fine and find it difficult to insure your property.

On the other hand, all buildings will need a resource consent, which is about environment management and sustainability. The application process requires you to meet certain requirements set by the government.

3. Actual Construction

Local councils can have very strict rules on the construction process including the height of the building, easement, and noise. Construction may be limited at certain times usually when most people are out. Know these schedules to avoid paying a fine.

The process of building in Northland may be time-consuming, but always remember, it’s for everybody’s good. You will benefit from a sound, safe establishment that contributes greatly to the region’s economy.

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