Dry Cleaning Vs. Wet or Steam Cleaning

Office Cleaning You’ve probably heard it before: wet cleaning with damage your carpet or upholstery. Many homeowners have been scared by this and have stuck with dry cleaning for a long time. But, there is research that shows the superiority of “hot water extraction system” when it comes to carpet cleaning.

But why is this system more effective? It’s because it targets a specific kind of dirt: soils, which are a byproduct of bacteria, air pollution, cooking vapors, and other airborne particles that stuck to your carpet. This type of wet cleaning allows a more thorough clean.

The Basics of Dry Cleaning

You can think of it this way: dry cleaning is when you don’t want to wash your hair and uses baby powder on your scalp to get rid of the oils. Now compare it to wet cleaning when you step into a hot shower and use soap and water to rinse the dirt away. Which one makes you feel cleaner and more refreshed?

Your Guide to Steam Cleaning

Another method used is steam cleaning, says Anderson Carpet Cleaning. But what you need to know about steam cleaning is that the “steam” isn’t the one that actually does the cleaner. Rather, the machine uses hot water to activate the ingredients in the detergent it just sprayed. Then, a wet vacuum is used to remove the water. Many people go for the steam or wet cleaning method because they are highly concerned about the chemical residues used in dry cleaning.

While you can clean your own carpets, it is advisable to hire professional carpet cleaners for bigger jobs. Professional steam cleaning dries faster compared to DIY methods. This means the steam won’t affect your floors, this is especially important if you have hardwood floors that can suffer damage from wet cleaning methods. Carpet cleaners will also do a thorough job, which makes your expense a good investment.

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