Faith and Willpower in Combating Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction afflicts millions of people everywhere. Some do it by choice; others are forced into it. Many people advocate medical treatment for substance abuse. However, some faith and spirituality. In establishments offering outpatient drug rehab in Utah and elsewhere, spirituality is among the main modes of combating addiction. At times, they also recommend combining this with willpower. Today, we will explore the benefits of these alternative rehabilitation methods.

By Divine Means

Spirituality as a concept is extremely difficult with define. Many people think it is synonymous with religion. Some even think that drug addicts are those who have fallen out of God’s grace. This is not the case. Some theories also state that addiction to drugs (or any other earthly desire) is merely a separation of the individual from his universal essence. Either way, faith has surprisingly effective properties. There is no shortage of people — formerly notorious criminals — whose lives have turned around completely by their faith. Could drug addicts be any different?

One may argue that spirituality is a means of curing addictions appeals to emotions. As sentient beings, emotions, not instinct, drives humans. This can very well be a trump card in combating addiction. One who feels accepted in body and spirit can see his life change, all because of the “right emotions”. Those who feel much happier and fulfilled on a spiritual level can find it easier to leave substance abuse behind. It’s because their spirituality has given them a new purpose — one that’s far better than succumbing to drugs.

Mind Over Matter?

Medication can no doubt help cure addiction faster. Though it’s not entirely beneficial to discount willpower. Perhaps there is merit in combining willpower with spiritual guidance. Someone who finds a higher purpose in life can develop an iron will to change. In a study conducted by Scientific American, 60 to 80 percent of people addicted in their teens successfully became sober in their 20s without professional help.

The human mind is a marvelous thing. Given the right circumstances, it is capable of amazing things.

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