Fast Makeovers for a Smile that Dazzles

woman with captivating smilePeople who are unhappy with their smile don’t have to wait long to have it fixed. Now, it’s easy to achieve a winning smile in just one dental visit, thanks to same-day treatments such as white fillings, veneers, and crowns.

Improve Your Smile

Chipped teeth, discoloration, gaps, or crooked teeth can affect confidence and even cause anxiety. A person who is unhappy with their teeth may avoid smiling in photos. As teeth are the first thing people notice when meeting someone for the first time, people may feel conscious about their dental flaws during dates and interviews.

Fortunately, if you live in Meridian, cosmetic dentistry can easily help improve your smile. Here are some dental treatments that can transform your smile in just one appointment:

Teeth Whitening – In-office laser teeth whitening is available. Teeth are coated with a whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide and then laser light is focused on them. The light breaks the gel down, where it enters the enamel and bleaches it. The whole appointment takes less than an hour.

Veneers – Veneers can be made in-office and without the use of dental putty. Using a 3D computer program, an impression of the teeth can be made as the patient waits. A small amount of tooth enamel is removed and the veneers are cemented over the top, giving the patient white and healthy looking teeth.

Same-Day Crowns – Crowns are used to replace missing teeth and can be made using computer simulation, just like veneers. Temporary fittings aren’t required and the patient won’t need an anesthetic more than once. Crowns are color-matched to blend with existing teeth.

Booking a Cosmetic Dentist

It’s easy to book a cosmetic dentist. Appointments can be reserved online or on the phone. Many dentists offer a range of treatments in addition to routine and emergency dental care, with same day cosmetic treatments being the best option for patients looking to enhance their pearly whites in just one visit.

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