Feeling Blah? 3 Ways to Fight the Mommy Blues

a sad womanAre you a first-time mom? You must be ecstatic! But are you surprised to feel that there are days when you feel sad, overwhelmed, and terrified all of a sudden? Have you ever felt like you can’t function properly? The so-called “mommy blues” are quite common among first-time moms and knowing how to cope with it is vital. Considering how 10% to 20% of new moms can develop postpartum depression, you need to learn new skills and adapt so you can keep the anxiety at bay. Here are some of them.

Improve your exercise routine

With a household to run and a new baby to take care of, you may not have time to squeeze in some exercise. If you have people in your home who can lend an extra hand, you may want to supplement your home workouts with some intense workout programs including Zumba dance classes, Boxing, Muay Thai, Spartan Training, Capoeira, Weightlifting, CrossFit, and Circuit training. What’s important is that you get a go signal from your doctor before you do any intense exercise routines.

Consider some cosmetic procedures

There’s no shame getting some cosmetic procedures done if you’re not happy with the extra skin and fat in your mid-section. Find a reputable clinic in Utah that offers Mommy Makeovers, which could include some tummy tucks and liposuction. Once again, just make sure that you talk to your OBGYN first before doing anything. Make sure you’ve already spent enough time to allow your body to heal naturally from giving birth.

Create a new schedule

You need to accept that your life cannot go back to how it was before. You are a new you! Instead of waiting for your life to go back to normal, you need to fast-forward to when mothering is the part of your new schedule, which is your new normal. Instead of waiting to get back to your old schedule, you need to create a new one where you as a mother takes center stage.

If you’re feeling low lately, use these tips to keep the mommy blues away. But if the feeling intensifies, talk to your doctor about it. You might be suffering from symptoms of an undiagnosed postpartum depression.

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