Gardening 101: 4 Tips for Looking After Your Lawn

Activated sprinkler watering the lawn

Having proper lawn care equipment is just half of the battle for a beautifully maintained lawn. You also have to learn about a few more things, such as fertilization, watering, and how and when to cut the grass properly.

Are you ready for a lesson on yard care and maintenance?

Fertilize properly

The right fertilizer applied at the right time allows the grass to grow healthy. If you commission a soil test for the yard in Salt Lake City, you will learn many important things about lawn fertilization, including the specific needs of the soil and the plants. A customized formulation is best.

Get a good mower

A reasonably priced mower should be part of your yard care arsenal. Find a mower of decent quality and learn how to operate it properly. More importantly, learn how much of the grass you should cut and when is the best time to cut the grass based on its variety. Consider the terrain and the size of your lawn when choosing the right mower. Decide whether you are getting a gas powered or electric mower.

Pay attention to the soil

Before planting the grass, give enough time and importance to the soil. If the soil is not ready, then you cannot expect the grass to grow healthy. The best thing you can do at this stage is to consult with someone who knows about the type of soil in your area.

Water correctly

The frequency by which you water the lawn is important for the grass. Most experts agree that watering once a week is best for the plants. Watering frequently may not be enough because you may not be watering deeply. Deeper watering is also a measure against pests, specifically bugs that thrive in dry, unhealthy yards.

Lastly, devote some time for raking leaves. A great-looking lawn is clean and free from dead leaves and other debris. A rake is the simplest and most effective tool you need for this purpose. For lawn care and maintenance jobs that are more complicated, don’t hesitate to call the pros.

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