Health and Molds: Dealing with Molds in Your AC

molds beside an ACMolds are present where there is moisture. So that means even the home is at risk of mold growth. You should not leave the molds not managed, though, because it could cause different health problems.

One place at home that is possibly a breeding ground for molds is your air-conditioning unit.

How Molds Harm Your Health

Molds can cause different health problems in children and adults. People often report respiratory problems as the result of molds entering the system. It can cause allergic reactions such as difficulty breathing, coughing, and sneezing, as well as asthma attacks.

In the worst cases, molds can cause bleeding lungs and pneumonia due to mycotoxins from molds.

Inspecting the AC for Mold Growth

Mold growth can develop inside the ac unit, and air that blows from it disperses the small mold particles into the air in the living space. If not detected right away, then your family could be facing serious health problems in the near future. So how do you inspect for molds in an AC unit?

Get Professional Mold Inspection

If you suspect that there is mold growth inside the AC unit or anywhere in your home, call a professional mold inspector. Professionals have the right tools to use for cleaning and reaching even those tight and narrow areas.

Getting Rid of Molds in an AC

  • Keep the water out.

Make sure there is no standing water inside the unit first, because that along with any organic matter causes molds to grow. Air conditioners should have no standing water inside them in the first place, so if your unit has, it is best to get air conditioning service in Utah such as that of Whipple Service Champions.

  • Clean the AC unit.

Many households would choose to do the cleaning by themselves, which is perfectly fine provided protective gear is used during the process. You should wear a mask, gloves, and eyewear for protection.

  • Check the ducts.

If a musty odor is still present when the AC is turned on, then you should check the ducts. It is best to get professional cleaning for mold-infected ducts because this task is more complicated. Everyone involved in cleaning should wear an N-95 respirator and use EPA approved products.

Molds can cause serious health problems to family members that you must take the necessary steps to get rid of them as soon as possible. Consider getting professional AC service for larger infestations to avoid putting your health at risk.

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