Holiday by the Beach: 3 Reasons to Choose Rockport as a Vacation Home Location

Rockport in a mapChoosing a relocation destination is always a hard but fun task to do. This may be especially true for homeowners who are looking to invest in a second house for their vacations.

If you are eyeing Rockport as your chosen destination, here are a few spots that will make any Rockport home option a good deal, whether for yourself or as an investment.

Have a great view of Bearskin Neck and Motif #1

If there were ever a more recognizable spot in Rockport, it would have to be the Motif #1. Built back in the early 1840s, it was originally a storage room for fishermen’s supplies and catch. It became an art studio in 1930 before it was transformed into a monument.

The Motif #1 may be a monument recognizable by several people all over the world, but it sits at the end of an equally known location in Rockport: Bearskin Neck. Many people consider it a popular destination in Boston, because it houses several attractions, shops, and restaurants, according to The Seaward Rockport.

See the historic Twin Lighthouses

Cape Ann Light Station is a historic point because these twin lighthouses are the oldest surviving U.S. coasts lights since its construction in 1789, reported Rockport USA.

Getting one of the Rockport homes near this area may be a little pricier, but it will be worth the trip to see this location alone.

Walk the sandy shores of local beaches

Relocating to one of the Rockport homes near the Front Beach is a very soothing experience. This downtown beach is warmer than nearby oceans due to the harbor. It offers a nice view of the beach while also being in close proximity to shops and restaurants.

Another well-known beach in the area is Pebble Beach, which has an accessible rock reef for those who are interested to do some easy diving during low tide.

Despite the quiet respite it offers, Rockport is a place filled with adventure and novelty, if you know where to look, making it an ideal second house location for any adventure-hungry family.

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