How Much Do Americans Spend on Back-to-School Expenses?

a teacher with her studentsPotential business awaits U.S. retailers just before the holiday season begins in 2018, as households will spend $27.6 billion for back-to-school expenses.

The second-biggest shopping season marks the time when parents buy all the necessary school items for their children, from notebooks and pens to school uniforms and shoes. While brick-and-mortar stores will account for a significant part of sales, online retail has become a popular way for people to buy different products.

Online Shopping

Most parents rely on e-commerce to cross out their lists, so it makes sense for online retailers to make sure their presence is easily found on the Internet. A search engine optimization or SEO strategy for your business in Utah, for instance, serves as a good way to achieve this. A quick Google search lets anyone able to find their preferred school supplies, and online campaigns help in making sure that you stay relevant to search results and even put your business on top of search rankings.

A high ranking is important since the National Retail Federation expects each household to spend around $942 for returning college students, while those with elementary and high school students will spend $685 for this year.

Consumer Preferences

Traditional retailers also have their work cut out for themselves due to the increasing competition from their peers and the growing popularity of e-commerce. However, knowing consumer preferences allows them to keep up with, if not get ahead, of their competitors.

A Deloitte survey showed that price-based stores are among the most popular choices for shoppers, although Americans will spend more on department stores. Younger consumers prefer off-price retailers over other stores. August will also be the busiest time for retailers before the new school year begins.

Online or offline retailers need to find ways on how to maximize U.S. households’ back-to-school expenses. The huge amount will be useless if your business doesn’t have the right exposure to your target clients.

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