How Much Should You Spend on Home Cleaning Services?

Home CleaningThe average cost for home cleaning services in the U.S. ranges between $90 and $150, but take note that the size of your house will affect the overall price.

If you live in Connecticut, a cleaning services company like American Safe Wash may cost less than hiring a full-time house cleaner. A professional contractor will be more affordable especially if you only need to clean the house less often.

Cleaning Costs

You can save money when hiring professional cleaners on a weekly basis instead of a monthly or bi-monthly arrangement. A company may charge you extra if your location is far from their regular service area, so it’s better to find cleaners near your house.

Some household chores will be a significant factor for a higher bill. These include fireplaces, high shelves and ceilings. Despite the higher cost, you may want to hire someone else to do the job for your own safety. Just be sure that the company insures its employees to avoid unnecessary expenses. The cheapest way to clean your house will be a do-it-yourself approach, but this takes significant time and effort on your part.

DIY Mistakes

Not all homeowners are knowledgeable about cleaning procedures, so it’s likely to commit common mistakes. A weekly cleaning schedule will make work much bearable than doing it every month, in the same way that tidying up every other day will be more ideal than a weekly schedule.

Most people start to clean the wrong part of the house as well. You should start from the ceiling and work your way to the bottom, which prevents you from cleaning the floor again if you start from there.

Your budget will determine how much you want to spend on professional cleaning services. Is time more valuable to you or do you enjoy cleaning your house? The choice is up to you.

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