How to Get the Most Out of Your Car Rental

Person handing car key

Person handing car keyRenting a vehicle is a convenient way to get around, especially when you’re out of town. Whether you need it for everyday use or just for a brief trip or vacation, it pays to do some research and get the best bang for your buck, notes Who doesn’t like a good deal?

Nix the airport cars

Sure, it’s more convenient and faster if you go for rentals in airports, but prices are significantly different due to surcharges. If you can, go for rentals outside the airport (but make sure the extra effort will be worth it—cab fares or Lyft fees might just make the overall cost the same as or more than getting one in the airport).

Size does matter

When renting cars, smaller is definitely cheaper. So if you’re flying (or driving) solo or with few companions, consider getting that Sedan rental instead of the full SUV. Compact cars are usually available and hybrid ones not only save you money, but they also help save the environment.

Always read the fine print

You might be a seasoned driving and renting pro, but it’s always prudent to check for any restrictions and conditions in your agreement that might cost you hefty penalties without knowing it. Check for additional fees, such as having multiple drivers, traffic delays, drop-off charges, and cancellations.

If you’re on a budget, don’t be extra

There are optional additional services for rentals such as GPS navigation, roadside assistance, insurance, and satellite radio. While some of these may be beneficial, you can opt not to go for those that you can do without so you can save money. Use your phone’s Google Maps or Waze to find your way around, and do your research beforehand to avoid any inconvenience while traveling.

It pays to be punctual

Renting out cars is a business, and it’s only natural that fees apply if you don’t follow your agreement. Make sure that you return your rental car on time, keep the vehicle clean, and avoid damaging any part of the interiors or exteriors. Being a considerate customer can pay off if you hold up your end of the bargain.

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