How to Handle Your Lawn’s 3 Worst Enemies

Lawn at the front of a houseCommercial lawns have an aesthetic appeal to them, enhancing commercial districts and the communities that surround them. But U.S. Lawns observes that commercial grounds care can be time-consuming and frustrating for most property managers and business owners to do on their own. So it’s important to have professional help on hand, to ensure lawn health and the beauty of your property.

Aside from professional commercial grounds care, you can also keep a look out for certain pests. Pests can show up anywhere and ruin your lawn, leaving you with nothing but rough patches of earth.

Here are three lawn enemies to spot and resolve.

1. Handling Moles without Extermination

Moles may be the most destructive pest that can affect your lawn. They leave small hills in their wake, their tunneling can affect soil aeration, and grass roots can end up destroyed in the process.

While extermination is the preferred way of dealing with moles, a simple home remedy gets rid of them just as well without harming the poor critters. Mix a few cupboard items, such as cayenne pepper and castor oil, and pour the solution in the mole hole and along the entrance.  It will add a different “flavor” to the insects in your soil, making the moles lose interest and scatter away in search of a different place to look for food.

2. Controlling Lawn Grub

Lawn grubs leave dying patches of lawn by devouring grass roots. If left unattended, lawn grubs can feast on your lawn’s entire root network, potentially destroying the whole lawn. They can come in large numbers, so extermination is inevitable. Granular pest control products are the ideal way of dealing with lawn grubs, killing them off for good.

3. Getting Rid of Slugs

Slugs feast on anything they can find in a lawn or garden, from ornamental plants to turf. This means trouble for your lawn, as your well-kept grass can easily turn into a buffet for slugs.

Alcohol (both the rubbing and drinking kind) is an effective way of getting rid of slugs. Most slugs will not survive a sip of beer, so putting dishes of beer around your lawn in unnoticeable areas can keep these pests off your yard. But some slugs are beer-resistant, so using rubbing alcohol may be a better approach.

Your lawn is essential for your commercial center as it can attract the attention, enticing shoppers and clients to come in. So keeping it maintained and safe from pests is essential. But if you still need help with commercial grounds care, don’t hesitate to call the experts.

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