How You Can Benefit From Using Motorised Wheelchairs

Power WheelchairIf a disability or illness has caused the need for a wheelchair when roaming around or getting out, buying a power wheelchair can help you experience life at a faster pace, just the way you want to.

A worsening disability, arthritic joints and surgeries can set people back. If deteriorating health is making everyday tasks difficult and mobility equipment for the disabled is necessary, an electric wheelchair has several advantages.

Ease of Use

Electric wheelchairs are easy to use. Manual wheelchairs take great upper arm strength to manoeuvre and can cause discomfort. A simple joystick operates the electric variety. They move swiftly without the need for physical effort. Some motorised wheelchairs can be controlled by the mouth, if the person cannot use their hands.

All-Terrain Models

Some electric wheelchairs have ‘all-terrain’ capabilities. They are sturdier than manual ones with stronger brakes, making them ideal for hills. You or your loved one can avoid rolling over or tipping to the side on uneven ground with an electric wheelchair.

Hours of Power

Electric wheelchairs have enough power to last around eight hours if they are fully charged, so their users can go out for a whole day and enjoy their independence. They can shop, visit friends, participate in hobbies or go to work in their power wheelchair.


Electric wheelchairs can be adjusted according to the user’s needs with cushions and head supports as required.

Leg Rests

Electric wheelchairs can have leg rests. These can be elevated to reduce swollen ankles and to ease discomfort.

Easy Storage

Some varieties of electric wheelchairs are foldable. They can be folded when not in use – a good option if space is limited. They can likewise be placed easily in the boot of a car.

Power wheelchairs and mobility equipment for disabled people can be found at independent living stores and an advisor can assist customers in finding the right model.

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