Improve Your Awareness on Aluminium Recycling

Mountain of recycled aluminium

Mountain of recycled aluminiumEvery year, $1 billion worth of soda cans are thrown away. Most of these end up in rubbish dumps, and eventually cost governments billions of dollars for waste clean-up. But every New Zealand resident should know that metals can be recycled and sent to scrap metal recyclers. One of these metals is aluminium.

Public Awareness on What to Recycle

Certain materials should not be included with the rest of the household rubbish. These include aluminium cans, beer cans, soft drink cans, and other products made from metal alloy. Bottle tops and screw caps should also be in the recycling bin. Pie tray and foil trays for store-bought ready meals are recyclable as well. Aerosol cans used to package hair care products, cleaning products, and deodorants should also be sent to scrappers. Wrapping foil is on the list, as well as laminated aluminium used in many types of product packaging.

Aluminium Recycling Basics

Some of the most important machines used to process aluminium into sheets are the baler compressor, smelter, furnace, and sheet maker. The requirements of metal recycling depend on the expected output. Recycling used aluminium into new cans, or specific products is more time-consuming, expensive, and requires specialised equipment. In the meantime, the production of aluminium sheets from cans, wrappers, and bottle caps requires less machinery.

Sustainability Worldwide

Aluminium recycling is popular but also necessary. Organisations are joining the global campaign for sustainability, and many businesses in New Zealand are incorporating these sustainability goals as part of their business practices. Being environmentally responsible is the battle cry of many business leaders in the manufacturing and service industries.

Some metals are 100% recyclable. Aluminium is one of them, and they are essential to modern life and industry. Recycling aluminium and other metals can help save the environment and the future.

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