Inspect and Cross-Check: Guidelines When Buying a Second-Hand Crane

Second-Hand CraneThere are times when a company’s only option is second-hand tools. It happens when brand new is simply not possible at the moment.

Does this mean it can settle for less? Certainly not. Like in brand new shopping, there are several points to consider in second-hand equipment, like a crane, Wong Fong Engineering cites.

Info to Look For

Look for the following: its purpose for the previous owner, service frequency and its classification. Request for maintenance records too.

Does it follow or not the maintenance schedule, as well as the manufacturer’s standards? The answers must be both yes, since its remaining value and overall safety depends on these factors.

Have It Inspected

Ask a local representative to check the conditions it is currently in. As a potential buyer, you will be responsible for its proper use and for fixing any previous misuse. System malfunctions are very expensive and could pose safety risks too. Hence, buy from legit dealers for warranties and open inspections.

Must-inspect parts of the crane are the motor and operator controls, mechanical and electrical components. For some potential issues, here are the common ones:

  • An engine that won’t start
  • Strange noise
  • Leaky parts
  • Oil in the coolant or vice versa
  • Excessively loose pins
  • Welds on mechanical component

Cross Check

Find out if what you need is a match to what’s available. List what you need and compare using the different crane classifications. Does its loading capacity (e.g. weight load, load per hour/day) match your material handling needs? How about its speed and travel distances? Check out also the type of crane service you need. Is it normal, heavy or severe? Use the crane’s rated capacity as your guide.

How about the crane’s application? Does it match with what you intend to use it for? There are also specialised cranes and variations in structural components and hoists.

Overall, the used crane you should buy is the one that protects your people, your company and your investment. Make dealers that have related services a priority.

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