Is Your Kitchen the Heart of Your Home? Make It so with these Ideas

kitchen renovation conceptThere’s just something about hanging out in the kitchen and eating that brings the entire household together. Research also suggests that having family meals result in healthier relationships and lifestyles over time.

To make your lovely kitchen the heart of your entire home, below are three tips you should consider.

Consider an Open-Plan Layout

The best layout for the ultimate sociable kitchen is an open-plan layout. By combining your kitchen with a connecting dining or living room, you instantly increase the space and do more with regard to design and function.

This layout means that you could easily cook, chat with friends, and see your kids playing nearby all at the same time. Executed properly, an open-plan kitchen would also ensure easy and safe access to appliances and everything else for everyone even when cooking up a storm.

Form and Function Above All

You need to figure out how you’ll be using all the appliances, equipment, and furniture you want in your kitchen. With a table, for instance, you need to determine an ideal seating for it. Plenty of people opt for pedestal tables because they offer the best access. If you have a standard table, bench seating might work best. If you love a huge thick-legged table, regular chairs will work best.

It’s All About Having Ample Storage

Easy access is key to making your kitchen the heart of your home. In general, your kitchen needs to be free of clutter so that everyone could utilize it comfortably. No one should be competing for space with unwashed pots and pans, appliances, and other knickknacks here and there just to get a good space to eat or have a glass of chardonnay, says a renowned custom kitchen remodel expert in Salt Lake City, Accent Interiors.

A clutter-free space would also feel more inviting and would make family members want to hang out longer. Put simply, you need to have sufficient, but easily accessible storage to avoid clutter.

For lots of people, their kitchen is the heart of their homes. So if you love your kitchen but feel that it’s not quite there yet, draw inspiration from the above mentioned tips to transform your kitchen into the heart of your home.

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