It’s All in the Visuals: A Positive User Experience Through Imagery

Adding Visuals to Your Site

Adding Visuals to Your SiteContent is king – and that will always be true in the realm of digital marketing. Relevant content complete with keywords runs miles for your SEO strategy.

People, however, are more visual in nature. Despite the wonderful stories or helpful advice, online users are not big fans of long blocks of text.

That’s why you need images – strategically placed, emotionally charged, and high-quality imagery. But how can you do images right on your Utah web design?

Trigger Actions

Words can motivate users once they are on the site, but before that, visitors do not often pay attention to content. For them to visit the site, you’ll need a great set of visuals.

Reading the newsletter or signing up for a new account bores visitors. Instead of discouraging them, why not add creative visuals to make the process easier (and also more fun)? Forms with well-designed visuals make a boring task more entertaining, which encourages more engagement between the site and its users.

Show Them You Care

High-quality images are also useful in turning frustrating situations into opportunities to impress.

404 Error Pages, for example, easily annoy users. If visitors come across 404 pages, it means the site is missing a page. For them, it’s a frustrating experience, but you can lessen the annoyance. Incorporate some fun by adding unique visuals on the 404 page. This shows visitors that you care about your mistake and that they are still on the right site – the page just doesn’t work.

Nobody wants errors on the site, but they are unavoidable. In case visitors do get the error, apologize in the best way you can – with the help of images.

Exude Confidence with Visuals

Visitors love brands that are confident in their own skin. So where do visuals come into play?

Expert content becomes more relevant when you combine it with compelling images. A convincing photo brings powerful quotes to life; the saying becomes more convincing. This powerful combination displays expertise in a realistic yet appealing way.

Mastering the art of peripheral persuasion means using visuals to convince visitors to convert. Use images to create a positive user experience. When visitors have such experiences, they will convert – and that’s a positive experience for you too.

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