Kid-Friendly Birthday Party Themes that Are Adult-Friendly Too

birthday partyBy the time you hit your 30s or 40s your daily life can make you feel your age. One day, you still feel youthful, and on some days you feel as old as your grandfather. What if you could go back to your good old days when you would have fun and not worry about anything? Consider these birthday party ideas to bring back the wonder of youth even if you’re moving forward in your years.

Carnival Theme

If you’ve watched the movie “The Greatest Showman” you’d know that the circus has always brought a sense of wonder to audiences of all ages. Why not use that as the theme for your birthday? You can have a party venue decorated to look like a circus then hire clowns, jugglers, and acrobats to entertain you. Just be sure that your guests are well-informed and your chosen venue can accommodate such a celebration.

Good Old Family Theme

If there are people who can make you feel young, they would be your family members and close friends. Invite them to an all-ages celebration, with a host to help organize it and activities that everyone can have fun doing. Choose a place that has special meaning to you and your guest then hire a Mexican catering service like La Regia Taqueria in Iowa to provide the food and setup.

Sports Theme

Athletics always bring out the youthful energy in anyone. You can make this your party theme and invite the guys, or girls, over to watch or play a game, may it be basketball, football, baseball, or any other sport. Set up a barbecue and have a non-athletic volunteer cook up a storm while the games are ongoing. Then eat outdoors to bring a better appreciation for the fresh air and warm sunlight.

These party themes are not just fit for the youth, but they are fit for adults as well. You may recognize that you’re adding another year to your lifetime, but you can choose to be thankful for it rather than depressed. Enjoy yourself, have your birthday cake and eat it!

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